11 Commonly Misspelled City Names In USA

How many of you have come across cities and towns with names that are quite difficult to spell? Let alone pronounce? Well if you are stuck in a city on your way to your destination, not knowing how to pronounce or spell the city name you’re currently in would be somewhat embarrassing. Some cities are just universally difficult to spell. For example, Albuquerque. Honestly, I am not quite sure how to pronounce that. However, same cannot be said for cities that have less complicated names, for example, New York. Here’s a list of commonly misspelled city names in USA.

Commonly Misspelled USA City Names

Cities in USA

Cities in USA | (c) Photo By Don Delillo

1. Austin, Texas misspelled as Austen

I think the only person who will appreciate it being spelled this way (Austen) is Jane Austen!

2. Butte, Montana misspelled as Butt

When you have a city name that is one letter short of becoming a word that will make you giggle like a little kid, sometimes you are bound to write it that way too. Pure entertainment huh?

3. Des Moines, Iowa misspelled as Des Moneys

Anyone who misspells Des Moines has got their mind on their money and their money on their mind :) Got to make des moneys!

4. El Paso, Texas misspelled as L’Paso

Now if you can not spell this, back to school I say. It is already simple to spell so there is no need to make it complicated, and it is Spanish people, not French.

5. Gallup, New Mexico misspelled as Gallop

OK if you misspell this city, you should hop on a horse, “gallop” back to elementary school and retake grade three ;)

6. Memphis, Tennessee misspelled as Memfis

You do not need a PhD to know that Memphis is spelled with a “ph” and not a “f”. Can’t forgive anyone who misspells such a simple name, it is not difficult.

7. Norwich, Connecticut misspelled as Norwitch

During the seventeenth century, Connecticut did a pretty good job disposing of their witches with a witch hunt. So they probably do not want to be reminded of them again by spelling it this way.

8. Peabody, Massachusetts misspelled as Peebody

I just don’t know what to say when you spell it this way. It just makes me laugh out loud…LOL it is.

9. Portland, Oregon misspelled as Port Land

Don’t try to split up the word when the city has been there since 1845. The word belongs together.

10. San Jose, California misspelled as San Hose

I smiled when I saw this, so let me explain the difference between “Jose” and “hose”. One is the name of a person, and the other is an object used to water lawns. Simple right, now you won’t misspell it…I hope.

11. Waco, Texas misspelled as Wacko

To be nice as possible, the city named Waco has occasionally been home to wackos. David Koresh ring a bell? But do not get me wrong, it is a nice town.

If you know of any other cities that people misspell, share in the comments section below!

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  1. Shamis says:

    Oh yes, Worcester and Los Angeles sure are two of those cities. Thanks for the addition Charles! :)
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  2. When I saw the title, the first two cities I thought of were Worchester (Wooster) Mass and Los Angeles (Los Angles). Nice list.
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