First Annual American Cheese Month Coming This October

If you love cheese, there is an event you will soon mark on your calendar! It is the first annual American Cheese Month in October! It is a month long celebration of North America’s delicious cheese, cheesemakers, retailers, cheese farmers, distributors, educators, chefs and cheesemongers who make up the cheese community.

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American Cheese Month

American Cheese Month | (c) Photo By The Cheesemonger

The American Cheese Month will be held annually each October, starting this October, with farm events and promotions in cities across the country about cheese. The goal of this event is to raise awareness about the quality and diversity of great American cheese that is made from the milk of cows, goats, sheep and even water buffalo. The event is open to general public, and features cheeses that are entered into the 2011 competition as well. This will highlight the mastery of cheese making!

The American Cheese Month will kick off in its home base in Denver at the Brewers Association’s 30th Annual Great American Beer Festival. Beer and cheese pairing sounds very interesting and almost all of us know how delicious cheese is. With Oktoberfest coming up as well, this is bound to be a great event. In addition to an amazing array of cheeses that you can try, the event features crackers, breads, nuts, dried fruits, condiments and honeys. And of course, beer and wine producers are there so expect to taste some beer and wine, and even take-away. If you are concerned about your health, consume in moderation as it is an excellent source of protein, phosphorous, calcium, vitamins B12 and D, and it will help maintain bone and dental health.

For a list of national and local cheese festivals in your state, be sure to check the American Cheese Society website. Proceeds from select American Cheese Month events will support the American Cheese Education Foundation. So what are you waiting for? Mark it on your calendar and share this post with all the cheese, beer and wine lovers you know!

2 Responses to “First Annual American Cheese Month Coming This October”

  1. Adeline says:

    Sounds exciting and yummy! I’m not sure how they do the cheese made from buffalo milk there. In the Philippines, it has a consistency that’s pretty similar to ricotta. Crumbly and very nice. It’s a bit salty, too so try it with some bread. Or better yet, take some home and grill it slightly. Works great on burgers or alone with bread. Oh great! Now I’m hungry. Hehehehe! :)
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    • Shamis says:

      It sure is yummy and I love all kinds of cheese personally. Mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo milk it seems. No wonder it tastes great on pizza :) I have tried ricotta on salads and it tastes good. I will definitely try that cheese on bread like you mentioned. I’m sure I will like it :) Thanks Adeline!