Backpacking Tips For The Road Junkies

Are you the adventurous traveler who likes to pack your backpack and hit the road? If so, are you up with the latest fashions and know what you MUST pack in your backpack? If not, don’t worry. Yours truly have some backpacking tips for you. These backpacking tips and secrets will make you look your best on the road. Not just for backpackers, some of these things are must carry for any traveler.

Backpacking Tips

1. Decent Shoes

Backpacking Tips: Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

If you do any kind of travel, one thing you must know is your footwear. It is something worth investing in. Now, if you have sandals that is going to leave you barefoot when you go through immigration and  leaves you open to catching ringworm’s. Boots are heavy, and are too hot in tropical climates. So what is left? A good pair of boat shoes. It will suit you in any climate. Just make sure they are dark enough so it won’t look too dirty after the first day.

2. Jeans

Backpacking Tips: Jeans and Travels

Jeans and Travels | (cc) Photo By FaceMePLS

You might be surprised to know that jeans were invented for travelers, apart from cowboys of course. What’s great about jeans is that, they don’t need ironing. You can wipe your sweat and grease without making much of a stain as well. Best part is, no thief can get his hand in the front pockets, and even if they do, it will be stuck!

3. A Blanket

Backpacking Tips: Blankets


Just like how many of us have a blanket in the hood of our cars, taking one on the road is a very smart idea. A blanket keeps you dry, keeps you away from the cold and bugs and keeps you warm. It can also be a cushion for uncomfortable bus journeys. You will eventually learn to sleep with it pulled over your head like a baby.

4. A Hooded Top

Backpacking Tips: Hooded Tops

Hooded Tops | (cc) Photo By lululemon athletic

We all want to curl up and hide at times when we are traveling on the road. It keeps the curious pair of eyes off of you as well. All you got to do is pull up the hood and you’re in a world of your own. It’s so comfortable and makes you feel like you are being hugged. Hooded tops will also save you from catching a cold when you are hiking on windy mountains.

5. String & Soap

Backpacking Tips: Soap


Staying clean and smelling good while you are on the road is a good thing unless you want disgusted looks from the locals. If you smell good, you might just be welcomed into someone’s home. So carry a bar of soap. You might wonder about the string though. Well if you have a ball of string, it will be a handy gadget when you wash your clothes and need a place to dry it. All you got to do is make a washing line beneath the fan in your hotel room.

6. Don’t Buy Cloths from Tourist Shops

Backpacking Tips: Tourist Shops

Tourist Shops

We all like to get our hands on the $5 t-shirt or scarf at the tourist store. I call them the’ backpacker ghettos’. Why? It usually tears in a matter of days. So put some extra few bucks and buy something that is going to look good and will last for a long time. It is worth your money.

7. Incense Sticks

Backpacking Tips: Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks

It is tough to stray fresh and clean all the time when you are traveling on the road. Climate sure does effect the smell of your cloths as well. If you get caught in the rainy seasons, your cloths might not dry fast. If it is too hot, you might go through your entire wardrobe in three days. What you can do is bury a few opened packets of incense sticks in your backpack. That way you will be carrying exotic scents with you and your cloths wherever you go.

8. Carry Something Smart

Backpacking Tips: Smart Dress

Smart Dress

Most of the time you will be in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. However there might be times you need to look apart from the rest. For example, if you go for a visa extension, you sure don’t want to look as if you just walked straight from the streets. Or if you are rushing to catch the plane, you don’t want to look like a drug smuggler. So be smart and carry a wrinkle free shirt or dress, which will transform your appearance to a respectable tourists in moment.

These backpacking tips are simple and will help you when you are on the road. So the next time you pack that backpack to hit the road, remember these things. Do you have any backpacking tips to share?

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