Business Class Travelers Demand Adults Only Cabins

When you travel, there is nothing worse than boarding a 10-hour flight only to find that you are sitting near a toddler that cry or scream continuously. Trust me even the best headphones will not block that noise. Only thing we can do is to pray that they fall asleep soon. A report reveals that 83% of passengers would like to see an “adults only” area on flights. What’s more, 51% said there should be cabins set aside only for adults. According to the USA Today Travel, an article said that 74% business class passengers get annoyed with children on flights and that airlines should provide children-free flights.

Adults Only Cabins For Business Class Travelers?

Children on Flights

Children on Flights | (c) Photo By Douglas Quenqua

Most of these passengers who prefer “adults only” area in flights are business class travelers. Head of product innovation and merchandising at HolidayExtras, Anthony Clarke-Cowell said:

I’m surprised so many travelers have expressed such a strong desire for adult-only flights. Flights abroad always present a challenge for families, and this is reflected in the results. There is clearly a need for more facilities to keep children happily engaged in quieter pastimes both during and before a flight.

Both Sides of The Story

For most business class travelers, it has come down to the idea that they pay the best price for their ticket to not be disturbed by a crying toddler or a toddler kicking the back of their seat. The rest of the business class travelers are offended by the smell of diapers of non-toilet-trained toddlers. At the same time flying without disturbances sound like a perfect start to a winning business deals or a relaxing holiday.

Contrary to what most business class travelers think, families who travel with kids may find it inconsiderate. It can be stressful to parents when the baby starts screaming or crying, especially when they get annoyed looks from fellow passengers. It is not they fly for free either.

A Possible Solution

An adults only cabins could be a perfect solution on large planes like the Boeing 747. Perhaps they can make the upper deck for adults only. Similarly families may appreciate flying with other families. This may reduce the stress when their toddlers are cranky and crying. What’s more, the toddlers have a chance to be occupied with other toddlers.

Is This Discrimination?

If a family with kids pay for business class, should they not sit in business class? Maybe business class travelers should loosen up a bit and understand that kids are people too. Let us not forget that some adult passengers can be really annoying too and attract attention either being loud and obnoxious or by drinking alcohol without limits.

What is your take on this?

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