Celebrate The American Craft Beer Week!

Cold beer! Now that I got your attention, I have some great news for you. American Craft Beer week kicks off next week in all 50 states! So no matter where in USA you are, you cannot miss this, unless of course you are below 21 years of age ;) American Craft Beer week is in its sixth year and is happening from May 16th to 22nd. The event honors local craft beer brewers throughout the nation. So here are some great ideas to honor the cause and enjoy the party.

American Craft Beer Week

American Craft Beer Week: Variety of Beers From EPIC Brewing

Variety of Beers From EPIC Brewing | (c) Photo By Utah Beer

You can never go wrong by supporting local breweries. So start by enjoying your drink. What is craft beer anyway, you might ask? Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker Brewing Company says:

Craft beer is all about wholesome regional fresh flavors opposed to international conglomerate homogenized brands.

Enjoying your local craft beer is a way to honor the small breweries and their hard work that goes into creating this fine beverage. Needless to say that it tastes so good on a hot sunny day. Craft beer offers a range of different flavors, textures and aromas. What I think that makes it extra special is the passion they put in to create something special that they are so proud of.

Attend Your Local Craft Beer and Food Events

Beer with Food

Beer with Food | Photo By Bryan Veloso

We all know about wine and food pairing but how about beer and food pairing? A glass of cold beer and some food sounds fun to me. That’s exactly what this event provides. You will be able to taste different and distinctive craft beers. Many local pubs and restaurants will offer beer and food pairing events, where you can ask the brewer any questions. They will be happy to share the history, ingredients and what makes their craft beer so unique. What better way is there to appreciate your local beer brewer?

Spread The Word

If you already knew about the American Craft Beer week or just getting to know, you probably should mark it on your calendar. Don’t forget to share with your family, friends and colleagues. If you happen to be a beer beginner, this is the perfect event!

If you do not know where to start off with the American Craft Beer event, here are some suggestions:

For more information on The American Craft Beer Week throughout USA, visit ACBW or craft beer. Alternatively you can check the event’s Facebook fan page.

Now come out and give your taste buds some love with these exciting and unique brews! Be proud of your local American Craft Beer as this party is all about celebrating the hard work that goes into each glass. Most importantly, do not drink and drive.

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