Delicious Food Trucks In USA

Some of you might just jump on the opportunity to grab a quick bite from food trucks on the street while others turn the other way. Personally I think they are a delicious choice during our travel explorations or just during lunch time. I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of food trucks back then though it has changed now. If you are still on the fence about eating street food, here are some of the best food trucks in West Coast USA. If you ever see one of these food trucks by the street, just give it a try. Who knows, you might just become a regular of some of these food trucks.

Food Trucks In USA

Food Trucks in USA

Food Trucks in USA | (c) Photo By South Bay Foodies

Food Trucks In Washington

If you are in Washington or go there, be sure to try out the California Taco Truck. No, it’s not Washington Taco Truck :) California Taco Truck has a big hype in Washington streets. The hype you hear about is well deserved too. Everything in California Taco Food Truck is delicious. The burritos are heavy and tasty, and can use it as a weapon if you like or better yet, you could just eat it! It’s one of those food trucks you can’t just pass by.

Food Trucks In California

California is a place where you can find thousands of food trucks serving various street foods. But one of them stands out. It is none other than the Grilled Cheese Truck. We all know that nothing says delicious like a good old grilled cheese sandwich! So when you see a food trucks dedicated to grilled cheese, how can you possibly walk away? Grilled Cheese Truck is one place you should try some tasty Cheesy Mac & Rib Melt!

Food Trucks In Portland

Portland is the home of Whiffies Fried Pies. Whiffies does both sweet and savory pies in Portland. What ever kind of pie you are craving for, Whiffies got it. Choose from a list of pies from Mac and Irish Cheese with Bacon & Peas, BBQ Brisket/Mozzarella, Double Chocolate Cream Sweet Pies to the traditional Chicken Pot Pies.

Portland is also the home of Fonzi’s Bakabana Cabana. This food truck is purely roadside deliciousness. Fonzi’s Bakabana Cabana is definitely not a hotdog stand but rather a fresh South American and Caribbean cuisine, which will make you change the idea of what good can be. Try dishes like the Fonzi’s Jungle Bowl and Jungle Chicken Spaghetti, and see it for yourself!

Food Trucks In San Fransisco

There isn’t a single location for Coolhaus Trucks. It is scattered around San Fransisco. Coolhaus is like an adult version of ice cream trucks. What makes this food truck special is they take ice cream of your choice, stick it between two cookies, and finally dipped in chocolate before serving you. Oh, did I mention that their wrappers are edible – bonus! Need I say more?

In a country like USA, food regulations are at a world wide high. So you can be sure it is safe to eat out of a food truck. Besides, these food trucks serve delicious food for the fraction of the price in a fancy restaurant. So just jump over the fence to this side and enjoy some of the best food from these food trucks.

6 Responses to “Delicious Food Trucks In USA”

  1. Cheap Motorhome Hire says:

    If you are super hungry and need a emergency food service, this would be the perfect choice to find a food truck nearby your location. I definitely enjoy tasty foods on a truck – especially tacos and sweet dishes.

  2. It’s so cool that food trucks are really taking it to another level these days. I’d love to find that Grilled Cheese Truck!

    • Shamis says:

      You are right Cathy food trucks are more popular than ever these days and people just love the variety of food they offer. The Grilled Cheese Truck is one of the most famous ones, so I am sure one of these days you will come across it :)

      • Pousadas Campos do Jordão says:

        You all, americans, have a lot of luck! Because in Brazil, our “food trucks” just sell vegetables, fruits and live roasters =

        Nothing of Ice Cream or Grilled Cheese. It’s very sad.

        Enjoy your luck americans…. =(