People Watching, A Fun Travel Activity

Have you noticed some people watching what other people are doing? Turns out ‘people watching‘ is a hobby and a travel activity for some. Bare in mind though, watching other people is completely different from stalking. It is the simple act of just sitting at a public place and watching people go about their daily lives. Anyone can do it and it is completely free :) Sometimes we do this without even realizing it. For instance when we are at a park, we tend to look at children paying with their parents or someone walking the dog without even thinking about it. While I’m not trying to encourage people watching, it can sometimes bring a smile to you or pass time at an airport or research on social interaction. Here are some good locations, if you like to try out a people watching adventure.

People Watching

People Watching

People Watching | (c) Photo By ttwv

Public Transport

I have ridden public transport for many years and enjoyed it for the most part. You get to watch as the flow of people enter and leave the bus or subway. There are different passengers changing as you move between cities. A friend of mine said, on the metro ride in Mexico City, a new entertainer, entrepreneur or storyteller get on to the carriage at every other stop. If you are in London, you can see all the fashionable divas who are dressed sharp as if they are going to a photo shoot.

Park Bench

Park benches is a great place to sit, grab a book and read. It is also a great place to watch people in various forms of activities such as runners or cyclists whizzing by, families taking a stroll or just listening to gossip. A city park would allow you to observe everything from how others dress to how people interact with each other. You can then compare it with other countries you travel to.

Street Cafe’s

One of the best places to watch people is a street cafe. This is a place both locals and tourists from young to old meet to mingle. You can observe fellow coffee drinkers, passers by on the street, how people from different countries greet each other, body language and hand gestures etc.

Major Tourist Attractions

I have personally enjoyed sitting on the steps of Trafalgar Square in London and watching crowds of people go by. Something I have noticed while there was how groups of Japanese people line up perfectly to take a picture.

People watching can be an interesting activity to do, especially when you travel to other countries. That way you will be able to learn a lot about local culture and behavior. Just don’t make any smart comments to passers by though. People watching usually works in both directions so you might catch someone observing you while you are busy observing others.

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