Sail Away In The Island Yacht

Luxury travelers have to make tough choices these days such as whether to charter an amazing yacht or simply purchase an Island Yacht. The Island Yacht is the latest invention where you get an island paradise on a yacht! This changes the regular travel stress factors such as booking hotels, making flight reservations etc. Needless to say it is not for budget travelers but have a look anyway because it will make your jaw hit the ground while you say ‘are your for real!

The Island Yacht

Lavish Island Yacht

Lavish Island Yacht | (c) Photo By Caters News Agency

No doubt the Island Yacht will be the next super yacht to sail on oceans in the world. It comes with its own functioning volcano and cascading waterfall, which feeds the swimming pool! This amazing machine is designed by the British boat builders Yacht Island Design. The design centers around a secluded island paradise with elements inspired by islands of the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Polynesia.

Yacht Island Design Philosophy

We like to base our designs upon innovative floating platforms. It frees us to explore bold and daring ideas, which challenge the accepted norms within the yachting industry. No longer are we bound by the restrictions of a conventional hull shape. This unleashes creative flair and individualism for our clients as well as us!

Island Yacht Features

  • Helipad
  • VIP Rooms
  • Arcades
  • Lounges
  • Gym
  • Spas
  • Retractable Beach Deck
  • Cinema

The lavish Island Yacht can accommodate up to 10 guests and travels at a top speed of 15 knots. The main deck is a secluded beach of cabanas, surrounding massive ocean views and swimming pool. If you get too tired of swimming in the pool, you can walk inside the huge volcano where you will find a library, gym, spa, games room, VIP suites and cinema. The back of the deck has a retractable beach deck where a section floats on to the ocean, making the ocean accessible to water activities such as ocean swimming, jet skiing and wakebording.

The Island Yacht is yet to hit the market and don’t have a price set. However, it is already causing waves in the yacht community worldwide! Just imagine everything in a secluded island paradise on a luxury yacht, and without the stress of booking hotels and rental cars. It sure will be an easy breezy sailing on a island yacht!

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