World’s Most Amazing Yachts

Luxury and most amazing yachts are floating palaces with stunning, over the top amenities inside. You might even find yachts with either a swimming pool or a helicopter pad. And by any chance if you are going on a cruise trip, you might come across some outrageous yachts that could make your jaw drop. See if any of these amazing yachts match what you’ve seen so far or simply admire what’s out there sailing on the sea. There is no doubt that you will go wow!

Most Amazing Yachts In The World

Luxury Yacht Ice

The Luxury Yacht Ice

The Yacht Ice | (c) Photo By Gary Hymes

This gorgeous yacht is owned by Russian billionaire Suleiman Kerimov. It has everything you can imagine. This 295 feet (90 meters) long luxury yacht has amenities such as a gymnasium, a sundeck with Jacuzzi, a large swimming pool, baths carved from limestone blocks and a sushi bar. That’s not all. It has a major art collection and a helipad too! Yacht Ice is one of the most environmental friendly yachts of all time. It has the latest noise and vibration reduction technology, as well as exhaust emission control systems.

Amazing Yacht A

Amazing Yachts: The Yacht A

The Yacht A | (c) Photo By Team Altman

The 394 feet long Yacht A is designed by Philippe Strack. It looks more like a futuristic submarine than a yacht, which is why it is one of the most amazing yachts. The luxury Yacht A belongs to a banking-coal-fertilizer mogul Andrey Melnichenko. So how much is this Yacht A you might ask? Well, he had it built for $300 million. It is basically a floating palace with 23,600 square feet space. You will also find Baccarat crustal tables, TV’s mounted on the ceilings, a chair made from alligator skin and an African antelope inside the Yacht. The most outrageous is the level of security on this yacht. There are 44 anti-intruder security cameras, motion detectors and night vision cameras. In addition, you can find a 2,583 square feet master bedroom with rotating king size bed, which can only be accessed by fingerprint security system. Surely one of the most amazing yachts in the world.

Luxury Yacht Solemates

Amazing Yachts: The Yacht Solemates

The Yacht Solemates | (c) Photo By Absolute Yachting

If you are looking to travel in style, look no further than the Soulmates Yacht, one of the most amazing yachts available for charter. This amazing yacht is chartered out to anyone for just $850,000 per week. Designed by German luxury yacht firm Lurssen, Solemates was launched in 2010. You can charter this yacht to sail in France, Sardinia, Monaco and the Caribbean Islands in the winter season. It has a custom made iPad app that will allow passengers to control everything from the blinds to lights to entertainment systems. There are 14 iPad’s available onboard. Other perks of Solemates include jacuzzi, flat-screen LCD panels, a aromatherapy shower and an outdoor gym that converts into a disco in the night. There are also toys available such as inflatable floating trampoline, three remote-control racing sloops and water-skis so the kids can have fun.

Camouflage Yacht Guilty

Amazing Yachts: The Yacht Guilty

The Yacht Guilty | (c) Photo By Rare Delights

Owned by the Greek billionaire Dakis Joanou, Yacht Guilty is one of his many collections in the world of contemporary art. It is 114 feet long and is built by Ivana Porfiri. The luxury yacht Guilty is WWI inspired and has a camouflage pattern in colors of purple, black, white, yellow and blue. The inside is bright and has mostly white interior featuring floor-to-ceiling windows. Inside Guilty you can find art and wall paintings by David Shrigley and Martin Creed. The highlight is the text painting “Guilty” by Sarah Morris, which hangs on the wall of one bedroom. The painting was bought after the yacht was named, and the owner and major art collector Dakis Joannou simply had to have it!

Maltese Falcon Yacht

Amazing Yachts: Maltese Falcon Yacht

Maltese Falcon Yacht | Photo By (c) Moody Yachts France

Built by venture capitalist Tony Perkins and now owned by superstar Elena Ambrosiadou, the Maltese Falcon is 289 feet long and is known for the sailing system. It is a square rig with three self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 computer-operated sails. So what does this mean? It means the extreme aerodynamic efficiency and speed. The Falcon can cross the Atlantic in ten days. Inside you will find a stairway that goes into a light filled atrium to unite three decks with transparent floors. There is a gym, works of art, VIP suite with private cockpit and a skylight that opens like a camera’s iris aperture. If you want some extra fun, there is plenty of water toys in the yacht – water skis, laser sailboats and diving gear. These facilities make Falcon one of the most amazing yachts in the world.

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