Most Unusual Hotels In The World

Have you come across some unusual hotels during your travels around the world? If you haven’t so far, you are about to discover some of the most unusual hotels in the world. Hotel chains around the world these days are becoming more and more extravagant with flat screen TV’s and rooftop pool. But sometimes that is not just enough. Modern day traveler craves for something beyond the usual bed and breakfast. Therefore hotel chains are stepping up their game by offering fashionable and interesting lodging for travelers. From Europe to Central America, you are sure to find an unusual hotel that will surprise you.

Most Unusual Hotels In The World

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, New Mexico

Most Unusual Hotels: Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast

Most Unusual Hotels: Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast | (c) Photo By jpoage

At one time this cave was a geological research outpost. Now this is a one-room B&B, which sits 70 feet below the New Mexico mesa. You’ll find a waterfall-style shower and a hot tub decorated with authentic southwestern-style furnishings. Even with all these luxuries, it is considered one the most unusual hotels.

Canopy Tower, Panama

Most Unusual Hotels: Top Level of Canopy Tower in Gamboa, Panama

Top Level of Canopy Tower in Gamboa, Panama | (c) Photo By Wikipedia

This most unusual hotel has 12 bedrooms. Located inside Panama’s Soberania National Park, on top is a 30-foot-high dome that rises above the canopy. You will be able to see amazing views and potential sightings of unique species.

Whitepod, Switzerland

Most Unusual Hotels: Whitepod, Switzerland

Whitepod, Switzerland | (c) Photo By Most Interesting Destinations

Climb inside one of these 10 domes on a glacier about 90 minutes from Geneva. The hotel is open only from December through April. All rooms come with wood-burning stoves and windows looking out onto the snow covered Alps. Be warned, there’s no running water or electricity. Hence it made it to the most unusual hotels list.

Dasparkhotel, Austria

Most Unusual Hotels: Dasparkhotel

Dasparkhotel | (c) Photo By _foam

This hotel is definitely considered one of the most unusual hotels in the world. At Austrian Hotel, you can sleep inside a 10 ton reinforced concrete drainpipes. There’s a comfy mattress and a lamp, but only a tiny skylight.

Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida

Most Unusual Hotels In The World: Jules Undersea Lodge Entrance

Jules Undersea Lodge Entrance | (c) Photo By My Unusual

This two bedroom capsule used to be a research lab. Today it is an underwater hotel that can accommodate six guests. Guests have to scuba dive 21 feet down to reach the hotel. There is a TV, stereo, dining area and huge windows to check out the beautiful creatures of sea. Looking at this, I would think it is more of most wonderful than most unusual hotels, don’t you?

Hotel Im Wasserturm, Germany

Most Unusual Hotels In The World: Hotel im Wasserturm

Hotel im Wasserturm | (c) Photo By Hotel im Wasserturm

Hotel Im Wasserturm is a 19th-century water tower now transformed into a chic, 78-room hotel. You can check out the views of the Rhineland from the 15-foot-tall windows.

Marmara Antalya, Turkey

Most Unusual Hotels: Marmara Antalya

Marmara Antalya | (c) Photo By Sunshine

Marmara Antalya is certainly one of the most unusual hotels in the world. It is a modern, circular building that is the world’s only revolving hotel. Located in the southern coast of Turkey and overlooking the Mediterranean, it completes a full revolution every seven hours. This ensures a changing landscape of views for their guests.

Giraffee Manor, Kenya

Most Unusual Hotels: Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor | (c) Photo By Cedarberg Travel

Giraffee Manor is a six-room country estate hotel outside Nairobi. The name should give it away that the giraffes are the stars on this hotel. You are sure to find them during breakfast and dinner, poking their heads through the windows to eat right out off your plate. Should I say more why this made to the most unusual hotels list?

If you know of other most unusual hotels in the world, don’t forget to share below.

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