Obtaining A Passport For Your Child In Canada

It is undoubtedly a big day for everyone in the family when we decide to take a trip to a foreign country. Adults know the basic drill – pack your bags, read the guide books and grab your passport that is valid. However, traveling with infants is another story. They can’t pack their own bags or read guide books but they too must have a valid passport, if they are going to travel with you to another country. If you are a Canadian citizen, below information will help you obtain a passport for your child.

How To Get The Passport For Your Child In Canada

Child Flying With A Passport

Child Flying With A Passport | (c) Photo By Maria Pavlova

If your child does not have a passport yet for an upcoming international holiday, here are some things you should know and do when planning your trip abroad.

  • Passports for children age 3-15 are valid for five years
  • Passports for under 3 years are valid for three years
  • If your child’s passport is still valid when she or he turns 16, then it will remain valid until it expires

Both parents or guardians must be present when obtaining a child’s passport. If it is not possible for both parents or guardians to be present, the absent party must provide a notarized Statement of Consent. If one parent has the sole legal custody, specific paperwork must be present.

Canadians living in Canada or the USA will need to fill out the PPTC 155 form for their child, while those living abroad should use the PPTC 042 form. The completed forms should be sent to the Passport Canada office with proof of Canadian citizenship, two recent photographs and the fee. The forms are available to download from Passport Canada.

For more information or inquiries about obtaining your child’s passport in Canada, contact the Passport Canada directly.

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