Passport And Visa: Why, How And Where

Passport and visa are the two most important documents you need to travel the world. Without these, you are tied down to the sofa wishing you could have traveled to Caribbeans this summer. This is why you should get these before even think about looking for cheap flights, and it is always best to get the passport and visa in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress at the last minute.

Passport And Visa

Passport And Visa: Official Travel Document, The Passport

Official Travel Document, The Passport | (c) Photo By Sterling Silver


Before you apply for a visa to a country, you need to have a valid passport with you. Passport is a small book issued by the country you are a citizen of, allowing that person to travel abroad and re-enter the home country. It is your global identification. If you are getting a passport for the first time, it is suggested that you submit the necessary documents at least two months prior to your trip. Passport applications are available at passport offices, post offices, government immigration websites, courthouses and municipal offices. You can check with your passport / immigration office regarding the cost. There will be an additional cost to get a passport size photograph of yourself. First time applicants in Canada must apply in person with proper proof of citizenship as well. If it is for your child, my post Obtaining A Passport For Your Child In Canada will help you.

Government Immigration Websites for Passport & Visa Applications


In all cases a visa is required to enter a foreign country, whether it is for a short visit or an extended stay. This does not apply for transits however. You may be able to get your visa before visiting the country or in some cases once you land at the foreign airport. However, getting a visa to certain countries can take a long time. So be sure to send in your visa applications early to avoid disappointments. To get information regarding visas, it is best to contact the nearest embassy or consulate office of the country you plan to visit. You still have to travel to your nearest consulate office to get the visa, which in some instances is in another city. So best thing is to give yourself ample amount of time to make sure you have your visa’s is order before you travel.

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