Panoramic Photos – Pics And Tips

Most of us like to capture and see travel photos, especially the eye catching panoramic photos from around the world. Panoramic photos, also know as wide angle photos, is a technique that capture a much wider perspective of the landscape into a photo. This can be achieved using cameras equipped with ultra wide lenses such as the Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1MP digital camera or by stitching several photos together using special software like Adobe Photoshop or AutoStitch. Panoramic photos can be very beautiful when they are captured correctly because the photo gives you a complete view of a particular landscape. Here is a collection of beautiful and breathtaking panoramic photos taken by photographers all over the world.

Beautiful Panoramic Photos of The World

Panoramic Photos: Pimalai Resort Pool, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Pimalai Resort Pool, Koh Lanta, Thailand | (c) Photo By Leelefever

Panoramic Photos: Doubtful Sound, Fiordlands, South Island, New Zealand

Doubtful Sound, Fiordlands, South Island, New Zealand | (c) Photo By Leelefever

Panoramic Photos: Night Panorama NYC From Jersey

Night Panorama NYC From Jersey, USA | (c) Photo By Eli Mergel

Panoramic Photos: Upper Cathedral Valley

Upper Cathedral Valley, Utah, USA | (c) Photo By Caddymob

Panoramic Photos: Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree | (c) Photo By Michael Woodward

Simple Tips To Capture Panoramic Photos

  • Take horizontal or landscape photos
  • Use a tripod to make your camera as level as possible across the surface
  • Use a focal length of 50mm or higher to avoid the distortion created by short, wide-angle lenses
  • Take a series of five or more images (the number can vary depending on the area you cover)
  • Put your camera on manual focus and manual exposure. This will stop your camera from adjusting to different light as you pan across the scene
  • DO NOT use auto white balance (AWB). This will avoid different color casts in different frames
  • DO NOT use a polarizer filter. The sky might look bluer in one frame than another with it on
  • If shooting when the light is changing quickly (early or late), you have to work as quickly as possible to capture those perfect panoramic photos
  • Photograph in RAW format for maximum flexibility. This will help when you work on the panorama on your computer
  • Have fun

You don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to create nice panoramic photos. Even iPhone has a photo app for taking panoramic photos. However, a good camera will definitely give higher quality. If you’re going that route, Panasonic DMC-FH25 16.1MP digital camera is a good choice. If you have any panoramic photos feel free to link to them on comments section.

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