Impressive Airline Amenity Kits For First Class Passengers

Top of the range airline amenity kits are airlines’ way of treating their first class passengers. Expensive aromatherapy and body butter, shampoos, pajamas and even perfumes are included in these airline amenity kits. This will for sure make that long haul flight a bit more enjoyable. However, to get these amazing airline […]

Cell Phone Usage Could Bring Down An Air Plane

We all have them, and we all carry them and we are always using it…what is it? Our cell phone or other electronic devices of course. However, the use of electronic devices such as cell phones and iPods during the air plane take-off and landing can create dangerous consequences. Therefore it is […]

Message To Airlines & Airports: Please Treat Passengers Better

I have a love and hate relationship with airports and airlines these days. I hear crazy stories in news about passengers sleeping on floors and having to wait in lines for hours to get a boarding pass. The lack of organization and lack of information only seem to grow by the day […]

Ongoing Airport Security Madness

There has been so much of talk in the past month or so about airport security. It would be nice to see the end of airport security rules like having to remove your shoes, the limit of liquids to carry and the newest rule – to arrive at the airport three hours […]

Korean Air: Leave Your Winter Jacket While You Fly To The Tropics

It is such a dilemma to carry the winter coat across the world as we head off to that sunny holiday destinations. It not just take space in the suitcase but an unnecessary weight. But not for those who fly with Korean Air this winter. Travelers who are flying with Korean Airlines to […]