Things At Airports That Annoy Me The Most

As much as I enjoy flying and being in the air, airports are not on top of my list. They tend to stress and annoy me at times. The list goes on about airports, everything fr waiting in line to check in to snobby airline counter agents. When I’m at the airport, […]

In-Flight Tips To Make Your Journey Enjoyable

I’m a huge fan of flying so I’m always in the look out for in-flight tips. I love the window seat by the wing. Don’t ask me why, I just do. During the flight, I’m the one who is wide awake while others are fast asleep. I would be watching movies, listening […]

Tag Your Own Bags At The Airport

Airlines these days seem to do less and less for passengers. At the same time they seem to put the passengers in to work. The latest travel news is that passengers will soon be asked to tag their own bags. At the moment American Airlines, Air Canada and Delta Airlines are encouraging […]

Most Amazing Runways Around The World

As you may already know, the ideal location for a runway needs ample space, endless flat ground, favorable winds and great visibility. Those are the things that make a great recipe for an A-class runway. However that might not be the case in real world, and engineers are forced to work with […]

How Much Alcohol Should Airports And Flights Serve?

Most of us like a bit of alcohol at times maybe straight, on the rocks or as a great cocktail. This is why I buy some whiskey or vodka from the duty free shop when I travel, so I can treat the people I meet at my vacation destination. However when alcohol […]