Low Cost Hotel in London – £35 Per Night for a Room


Everyone wants an affordable but nice hotel in London when traveling. When you say London, we picture some of the most expensive hotels in the world. Well not this  hotel in London. Tune Hotel in a new hotel in  London that is scheduled to be opened end of this month. It offers […]

Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

radisson blu

Radisson Blu Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany is undoubtedly one of the best hotels I have stayed so far. The minute I walked in the front door, I knew I would have a pleasant and enjoyable stay at this lovely Frankfurt Germany hotel. The architectural round-shaped Radisson Blu is a view to look at […]

London, England


England is famous for many things – Big Ben, The Royal Family, Red Buses, The Beatles and of course David Beckham.
England is a great place I would suggest to visit. A country filled with rich history! A English accent that many of us love! The British are said to be reserved in […]

Famous Frankfurt Attractions, Germany


Frankfurt is the main industrial, commercial and financial city in Germany. It’s a lively and diversified metropolis in the heart of Europe. Exploring Frankfurt may take a while for some although I was able to visit many places in a week’s time. So don’t worry if your time is limited. This list […]