Horizon Air Apologizes For Booting A Very Tall Passenger

Being tall is a good thing in most cases. For instance, if you are about 6 feet 9 inches tall, there is a good chance that you can become a famous basketball player. However, 6′ 9″ is too tall to be an airline passenger for Horizon Air. On a flight between Oregon […]

How To Get FREE Hotel & Flight Upgrades

Unless you set a high budget for traveling or get sponsored, flying first class and staying in presidential suite will feel heavy in your pockets. Typically, the difference between a first and economy class plane ticket is several hundred dollars. Same goes for hotel rooms. However, there are ways to get free […]

Business Class Travelers Demand Adults Only Cabins

When you travel, there is nothing worse than boarding a 10-hour flight only to find that you are sitting near a toddler that cry or scream continuously. Trust me even the best headphones will not block that noise. Only thing we can do is to pray that they fall asleep soon. A […]

Enjoy Airport Lounges When You Travel

The first VIP airport lounge was launched in 1936 to reward the best customers of American Airlines by then Chairman – C.R Smith. Back then membership was exclusive and was under the discretion of the airline. This is an However, it has changed since. Anyone with enough money can join some of […]

Free Facebook Access On Airlines This February

Who can be without Facebook these days right? Even when we travel. Well I have some great news for all the travelers who want to connect to the most popular social networking website while on the flight. You will be able to check your Facebook account for FREE with seven airlines this […]