Lively Beachwear and Flip Flops by Arugam Bay

When it comes to traveling and fashion, especially beach fashion, I get super excited. So whenever I shop for my tropical island trips, I look for beachwear and flip flops. While my fascination of flip flops go over the top, I came across Arugam Bay Beachwear. I was beyond excited to see […]

Photos of Sinhalese & Tamil New Year In Sri Lanka

Sinhalese and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka

The month of April in Sri Lanka is filled with fresh greenery, singing of cuckoo birds, smiling people, fire crackers and fun games. These are few other things apart from sunny and warm weather you can experience in Sri Lanka when Sinhala and Tamil New Year, called “Avurudu” in Sinhalese, dawns in […]

Travel Photo: Taj Mahal, India

The beauty of magnificent monument Taj Mahal is such that it is beyond the scope of words. The purity of white marbles, exquisite ornamentation, precious gemstones used and picture perfect location, Taj Mahal in Agra, India is not just phenomenal for its beauty but the immense love which was the reason […]

Travel Photo: Cotton Trees

We all love our cotton sheets and pillows on bed to relax. Similarly, cotton clothes are so comfortable on our skin. But I always wondered what cotton would look like before it gets to us. To my surprise I got just that while staring out through my car window. I didn’t know […]

Sri Lanka Named A Travel Hotspot For 2011

As proud as I am to be a Canadian, I am always proud about where my roots are – Sri Lanka. British newspaper ‘The Independent’ has named Sri Lanka as the Travel Hotspot For 2011. In a recent article by the newspaper titled 2011’s Tourism Hotspots: What To Do In Sri Lanka, […]