How To Be Fashionable When You Travel To Europe

Traveling To Europe anytime soon? OK stop, don’t just grab the cloths in your closet and pack. There is more to packing for Europe than you can imagine, grasshopper. Europeans have a classy way of presenting themselves. Look at James Bond for example. If not anything, he is smartly dressed be it […]

8 Ways To Customize Your Backpack

Backpacks of many travelers look pretty boring. I am talking about the look from the outside of travel backpacks. You got yourself a backpack like thousands of travelers out there. Nothing interesting, am I right? Avid travelers don’t really pay that much attention to their backpacks most of the time because it will […]

Benefits of iPad 2 For Travelers

Apple being an innovative technology company set the bar high for mobile technology when they released iPhone and iPad. Millions of people across the globe has come to love Apple products including their line of mobile products. It is about time for Apple iPad 2 to come along with upgrades and of […]

Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder For Your Next Trip

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

I love to record memories and moments on my camcorder whenever I travel. I bet other travelers love the same other than capturing travel photos. But sometimes carrying a camcorder is difficult. Especially when your hands get tired carrying the camcorder or when you are sipping a drink by the pool. Well […]

Innovative Travel Product: Backpacks Armed With Alarms

As a traveler I want my backpack to be secured though I may not carry a lot of valuable items. So I use a small padlock to keep it safe. However, what if a small padlock just won’t cut it for your backpack? Well have no fear. Introducing iSafe backpacks – backpacks […]