Canada And India Shakes It Up With Smirnoff And More

Most of the time, it is a good thing when two countries coming together in any way or form. Let’s look and Canada and India. Canada and India are  two different countries – Canada is cold, India is hot; Canada is efficient and orderly, India is chaotic and spontaneous. What is interesting is […]

Landmark London Hotel Launches Its Very Own iPhone App

Technology makes lives easier, and especially for travelers these days. Introducing another technology wonder to the traveling world – The Landmark London has launched its very own app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed as a guide to the hotel’s amenities and surrounding areas to help […]

Winter Wonderland In Paris

Certain parts of the world experience a white winter wonderland filled with snow during December. And there is no doubt that Paris, France is getting more than they bargained for when it comes to snow this winter. In December, Paris is usually bursting with quiet and shimmering lights with a autumn feeling. […]

Oprah Winfrey Goes To Australia For Her Final Show

Oprah has left the building in Chicago! She will be down under in Australia for her final season of The Oprah Show. The 300 lucky guests are in Australia with all all-expenses-paid eight-day trip for her final season. “This is my last chance to do something really big!”, Oprah said. Well when […]

Korean Air: Leave Your Winter Jacket While You Fly To The Tropics

It is such a dilemma to carry the winter coat across the world as we head off to that sunny holiday destinations. It not just take space in the suitcase but an unnecessary weight. But not for those who fly with Korean Air this winter. Travelers who are flying with Korean Airlines to […]