Tag Your Own Bags At The Airport

Airlines these days seem to do less and less for passengers. At the same time they seem to put the passengers in to work. The latest travel news is that passengers will soon be asked to tag their own bags. At the moment American Airlines, Air Canada and Delta Airlines are encouraging […]

Fake Reviews or Comments Could Face Legal Action

Are you a genuine traveler who leave reviews or comments once you visit a hotel or a restaurant? It really help hotels and restaurants to improve their services. However there are some who leaves ‘fake‘ comments. TripAdvisor – who became the world’s largest travel website last month, is cracking down such ‘fake’ […]

Fourth Richest Man’s £630M House In Mumbai

Now what would I do, if I had £630 million? I can think of million things but what does Mukesh Ambani, someone with that kind of money does? Simple. Buy a house in Mumbai, India for him and his family. That is however not the ‘oh my gosh’ factor. House of Ambani […]

Qatar Airways Pilot Dies On Air

Qatar Airways Flight 645 was diverted to Malaysia after the captain died in flight. Flight had been heading to Doha from Philippines at the time. Due to the pilots death, the flight was diverted and landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A new crew boarded the plane and left for Doha two hours later.
Qatar […]

New Airline To Join Los Angeles-Shanghai Route From 2011

Did you know that there is only two airlines that fly from Los Angeles to Shanghai? Both of these airlines are Chinese – China Eastern and Air China. I was as surprised as you could get to know this. However, it will soon change as a new airline has made its way […]