Airport Security Scanner: New Underwear To The Rescue

Airport security scanner, don’t be alarmed.I have some fabulous news for passengers who are concerned about what is revealed on security scanner at airports. It is a company that specializes in keeping your private parts ‘private’ while going through the new invasive security scanners that gives the ‘no underwear’ feeling. Las Vegas […]

Bottled Water Vs. Drinking Water Fountains At Airports

We all love water especially when we travel. And it is nice to have a refreshing cold bottle of water after walking under the hot sun. When it comes to water bottles at airports, aren’t you fed up of the ridiculous prices? With all the security regulations that are in place at airports, […]

Full Body Scanners At Airports Reaveal All

There are lot of talks about the full body scanners at airports. These new full body scanners are now becoming popular than the normal body searches that we all were once used to. These scanners, better know as ‘whole body imaging technologies‘ can see through your clothing to reveal metallic and non metallic […]

Man Convicted And Jailed For Indecency Towards An Airport Employee

How many times your mother had told you to watch your manners as a kid (hopefully not when you became an adult)? For those of you who brushed it off, let this incident in Dubai be an eye opener. This has happened in Dubai International Airport when a 34 year old British […]

Upcoming 6 Star Hotel in Knightsbridge, London

For those of you who love to be pampered when traveling, the upcoming 6 star hotel in London is the place to be. The construction site for this upcoming hotel is in prestige Knightsbridge area. It is scheduled to be opened in November 2012 with 36 luxury rooms. This 6 star hotel […]