Tasty Snacks & Candies From Around The World

When I travel around the world, one of my favorite things to do is to pop into a local corner grocery and check out what snacks and candies they got. Treating your sweet tooth sure is a pleasure and can be an eye opening experience too. Some snacks and candies are available only in some parts of the world. Here are one-of-a-kind treats that I found around the world.

Sweet Treats From Around The World

Aero Milk Bars, UK

Nestle Aero Milk Bars

Nestle Aero Milk Bars

Mint + Chocolate… now that spells out yummy! There are other flavors of Aero bar but the mint in my opinion is the tastiest. Aero has become more popular in Japan, Australia and America but it is widely distributed in the UK. When you open one of these Aero bars you will see that a bubbly-like mint green color in the center, which looks crunchy but when you taste it, what you get is a smooth minty and chocolate heaven!

Price: 60 pence in the UK / 99 cents in the USA

Where to Find It: If you’re in the UK, Australia or America , you shouldn’t have any problem grabbing a bar from the candy aisle

Sakuranbo, Japan


Sakuranbo | (c) Photo By Burlie

These so called ‘Sakuranbo’ treats are little jelly cherry bites that is served with tea. It is wrapped quite tastefully I must add, and can be a bit pricy but it is the freshness of these treats that make it popular. As for the taste, the jelly is very subtle with the cherry flavor.  Biting into the cherry, you will notice the sweet freshness of the cherry as if it was just picked fresh. It is simply a perfect red little Japanese cherry.

Price: In the USA, some extremely specialized Japanese grocery stores sell these for about $3.50 a piece. In Japan, it will cost you less than 200 Yen.

Where to Find It: You can find Sakuranbo in New York City off of 5th avenue. These are also available in San Fransisco and Singapore.  In Japan, you can order up a Sakuranbo during the late spring to early summertime at almost any traditional tea shop.

Chicken Flavor Chips, Belgium

Chicken Chips, Belgium

Chicken Chips | (c) Photo By Jaunted

We all love potato chips and we have our favorites too. Here is a flavor to add to your list – ‘chicken’. If you’re tired of the boring salt n’ vinegar and ketchup, this is something to try out. However you got to be in Belgium to taste these crunchy chips. If you want to know how it tastes like, let me give you a ‘description’. You know the smell of roasted chicken with spices right? Well that is how these chips taste. These chips are not baked but cooked in sunflower oil. You will be able to taste a hint of thyme in these chips to keep you munching away the whole bag without getting sick of it.

Price: 75 cents (in Euros) for a medium bag

Where to Find It: In Belgium you can find these in Match Supermarkets. They are also available in Luxembourg, France and Marks & Spencer in the UK.

Peel Jelly Bananas, Dominican Republic

Jelly Bananas

Jelly Bananas

We all love our jelly candies don’t we? They are just awesome. And what is best about these is, they are the cutest and easiest gifts to bring back home from a trip. These jelly bananas are additively sweet. It has sparkling sugar crystals coated and they are just pretty to look at.

Price: 31 Dominican Pesos for a 100g pack

Where to Find It: Grocery stores in areas like Santo Domingo, Bavaro and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. They are also known to pop-up in stores in Spain.

These are just a few tasty snacks from around the world, if you go on vacation to any of these countries. Let me know, if you have tried these or better yet, know some other snacks you found on your trips.

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