Tea Rooms To Enjoy A Great Cup of Tea

If you are like me, you love drinking a great cup of tea. And for others who think drinking tea is boring and gross, odds are you probably had a poorly brewed cup of tea. There are many reasons to drink tea. The aroma, warmth it brings on a cold winter morning or relaxing in front of the fireplace are a few. The most important part about drinking tea is the health benefits it brings such as lowering the effects of alcohol and cigarettes, and increased metabolism. It also comes with great flavors so there’s no doubt you will find it interesting. Here are some great tea rooms across USA to enjoy a good cup of tea.

Tea Rooms In The USA

Sunrise Cottage Tea Room

Sunrise Cottage Tea Room | (c) Photo By YourGuide 2

Kaleisia Tea – Tampa, Florida

Just like the name, the Kaleisia tea room goes beyond just having a cup of tea. It’s a mixture of new world teas and ancient blends of the Orient. There are over 100 loose leaf teas to choose from at the Kaleisia. If you are a tea enthusiastic, you can compare different teas from around the world by touch and smell. In the lounge, you can enjoy a variety of beverages from a simple cup of Thai tea to Asian Fusion smoothies and Chai Lattes. If you want something to munch on, you can pick things like Asian noodles, avocado wraps and desserts from their menu.

Teavolve – Baltimore, Maryland

Combine tea and great culture of Baltimore, and you get Teavolve! If you are looking for an atmosphere that is cool and inviting, I suggest you grab some friends or co-workers and head out to Teavolve tea room. There is no specific time to be at this place and there is always something exciting waiting for you. With a full bar, dining options and 48 varieties of tea, the Teavolve does not stop with just tea. It continues with music events, happy hour and brunch options for their patrons. You can choose from omelets, wraps, crepes, quiches and salads. Don’t forget to order their many specialty hot or cold iced teas as well!

Saint James Tea Room – Georgetown, Colorado

Looking for a picture perfect destination with elegance to sip your cup of tea? Then check out the Saint James Tea Room in Georgetown. It’s a wonderful little restaurant and tea room that has ambiance from the Victorian era. This tea room is devoted to tea and has become known in American as ‘High Tea’. The tea is served in courses, each meant to be enjoyed with delicious little treats (can ask for gluten free treats, if you desire). The treats range from savory little bites to miniature quiche, cookies and scones. The whole experience might seem somewhat feminine, and it truly does attract a large number of women.

The Vital Tea Leaf – San Francisco, California

The Vital Tea Leaf is so popular that it has four locations in California and two in Seattle. This famous tea shop has more than 300 different varieties of tea to choose from. This is a perfect stop for any tea beginners and experts alike. There is the complimentary ‘try before you buy’ tastings, so you don’t have to end up with a cup of tea that you don’t like. These teas are handpicked from all over the world and even the pickiest of drinkers can find something they love. If you look for health benefits of tea, you can find tea for everything – headaches, digestion and weight loss. There is also a wide variety of tea accessories like draining trays, serving sets and ceramic tea cup holders.

There are many more tea rooms across the United States to enjoy a great cup of tea. Each will offer you many varieties of tea and unique ways to drink tea. Most of all, it’s great for a healthy lifestyle. Who knows, you might even change your next Starbucks order :)

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  1. Pousadas Campos do Jordão says:

    Hummm… Tea! Like a good british, tea is the most important thing in the day for me. Everything has to stop to make a cup of tea. I’m happy to know that Shamis loves tea! xD


  2. Adeline says:

    I’ve lately been into the whole tea thing, and reading your post really made me smile, Shamis. I still have yet to try a High Tea afternoon. Someday…hopefully, in one of these tea rooms. :)
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  3. Celestine says:

    I love drinking tea..Thanks for sharing different kinds of tea..Keep on posting great ideas..
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