Top 5 Most Mysterious Places On Earth

Are you the type of traveler who crave to see the strange and the most mysterious places on earth? I’m NOT talking about the travelers who take a vacation to a tropical island like Bora Bora. I’m talking about the the places that will give you chills. So, if you are an adventurous traveler, here are the most mysterious places on earth for you to explore. While there are other weird places in the world, these are on top of the list.

Most Mysterious Places On Earth

1. The Mouth of Hell, USA

Most Mysterious Places On Earth: The Mouth of Hell

The Mouth of Hell | Photo By Unknown

The name alone says that this is a enigmatic place of the world. In 1971, geologists drilling near a village in Pennsylvania had discovered a massive underground cave filled with natural gases. Soon after, the ground under the drilling rig has collapsed. This has left a crater that runs 100 meters wide. To stop the toxic gasses mixing with natural air, they had put up a fire to burn the gas. Ever since then to this date it has been burning! This abandoned place now looks like a ghost town. Apparently there is enough coal in this crater to keep the fire going for another 250 years!

2. The Door To Hell, Uzbekistan

Strangest Places On Earth: The Door To Hell, Uzbekistan

The Door To Hell, Uzbekistan | (c) Photo By Hoax Slayer

This is one of the strangest places that is really unique and fits perfectly into the most mysterious places on earth category. Located near the town of Darvaz exists the place called ‘The Door of Hell’, which is what the locals refers to it. During the drilling of this cavern, the equipment and the camp site had gone underground due to the fact the cavern was so huge. Inside the cavern contained poisonous gas. They have ignited it and now it has been burning ever since. It has been 35 years already! It’s a mystery how it could exert so much gas.

3. Mysterious Holes, Russia

Most Mysterious Places On Earth: Holes of Russia

Holes of Russia | (c) Photo By English Russia

If you are searching for unique and most mysterious places on earth, here is another one for you. The theory of how these holes became to appear is due to holes that were formed by lava burning trees and leaving behind ashes. These holes appear in dense forest areas. You will see that vehicles cannot get by in these deep holes. In Russia, these mysterious holes have been found in at least three regions: Ryazan region, Kaluga region and Krasnoyarsk region.

4. The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Most Mysterious Places On Earth: The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania | (c) Photo By English Russia

The Hill of Crosses has over 50,000 crosses. Believe it or not, this is not a cemetery. This is why the Hill of Crosses made it to the most mysterious places on earth list. There is a story to why so many crosses ended up here. It is said that anyone who puts a cross here becomes lucky. Therefore so many come to this mountain and put their own custom-made cross. The history says that this tradition came even before the Christianity came to Lithuania. You will be able to see beautiful crosses carved from wood or sculpted from metal. There are crosses brought by pilgrims from all over the world.

5. The Ghost Town Buried in the Sand, Namibia

Most Mysterious Places On Earth: Komanskop Ghost Town

Komanskop Ghost Town | (c) Photo By Drew Prineas

This town became famous in 1908 when people rushed into make money from diamonds in this area. During that time the diamonds were fully exposed on top of the sand! Withing two years this town has had many facilities such as a casino, a school and a hospital. All this in a bare desert. After the World War I, the diamond phase had dropped. During the 1950’s the dunes had taken over the town, and the area was covered under sand. Another mysterious ghost town full of sand.

Have you been to any mysterious places?

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