Tropical Vacation Destinations For Your Pleasure

Many of us often dream of going to exotic tropical vacation destinations somewhere around the world. Obviously the best tropical vacation spots has to be considered to ensure a very own unique travel experience. While there are many sandy and tropical vacation destinations in the world, we have to choose the one that suits our needs and budget. What if you want to set off to a hushed romantic location but end up on a youthful beach vacations spot? How do you find your perfect pleasurable tropical vacation destination? Guidebooks can certainly help but finding the right one is not always easy. Here are five popular tropical vacation destinations to narrow down your search for the best vacation spot.

5 Tropical Vacation Destinations

The Seychelles

Tropical Vacation Destinations: Seychelles Beach Landscape

Seychelles Beach Landscape | (cc) Photo By dibaer

Seychelles is one of my dream tropical vacation spots. Located on the east coast of Africa, Seychelles islands is a pure paradise. This is one of the tropical vacation destinations where you can just give your all and live in a hut on the beach. Perfect sandy beaches, turquoise water, many islands to choose from and all seclusion you could ever want. This group of 115 islands offer everything a beach lover could want. While it’s true that these island accommodations are quite expensive, there is always a price for popular tropical vacation destinations. The Seychelles is one of the rarest and most exotic islands so you will get what your money’s worth. For any lover of beach vacations, Seychelles islands is a paradise and second to none. Best time to visit is during the cool season from May to September, when there is less rain.

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Tahiti Islands

Tropical Vacation Spots: Tahiti

Tahiti | (cc) Pierre Lesage

You know the pictures that you always see of tropical bungalows on the water? That is Tahiti – one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Tahiti is a pure paradise and very romantic too. Here you can relax under the golden sun, snorkel in the clear blue water, enjoy the finest of seafood and take a dip from your bungalow that opens to the ocean. These islands are expensive and offers a variety for luxury travelers. Time is never less than perfect in Tahiti and the landscapes are no less impressive. It is indeed one of the best tropical vacation destinations in the world. It’s so beautiful it hurt the eyes. Tahitians love music, dance and celebrations. There is a tradition in Tahiti – you should wear a flower behind your ear and feel the romance in the air.

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Bali, Indonesia

Popular Vacation Destinations: Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia (Religious Ceremony) | (cc) Photo By Riza

From the landscapes and seascapes to the abundant options of accommodation and night life, Bali has more buzz than any other tourist spot on this side of the globe. Writers keep inventing adjectives to describe Bali but it’s truly hard. If you want a holiday in one of the tropical vacation destinations where the modern world has reached, but not tainted, Bali is where you should visit. As Indonesia’s most famous tourist destination, Bali has become the place to go in Asia for beach vacations. There is a deep world, a world within, a whole different world that belongs to Bali. A blue world of tranquility, of stillness, a world that lets you forget the world. For those looking for more active tropical vacations, Bali is still the place to go.

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Fiji Islands

Tropical Vacation Ideas: Fiji

Waterfall In Fiji | (cc) Photo By Colby

With her exotic beauty and serenity, Fiji has captured the hearts of many tourists when it comes to tropical travel destinations. With the volcanic mountains and tropical waters, Fiji is the perfect vacations spot for those seeking adventures and breathtaking beauty. Whenever the name Fiji is heard, visions of beaches and tropical ocean dances in our minds. There is a good reason for that too. Fiji is one of the best places to see dolphins. With so many islands, you are bound to find one you will fall in love with. Fiji is one of the popular vacation destinations among the young and newly married. The beaches are sandy like sugar and so beautiful. With a tropical climate and magnificent views, guests of Fiji can experience heaven on earth.

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Curacao Island, Caribbean

Tropical Vacation Destinations: Curaco

Curaco | (cc) Photo By Captain Kimo

Resting in the Caribbean, the island of Curacao is located in the southern Caribbean, off the coast of Venezuela. This is the island of sun, warmth and charm. It is cosmopolitan but easy and incredibly gorgeous. Known as one of the best tropical vacation destinations in the Caribbean, Curacao is a tropical Holland. The city is built in the Dutch style but the surrounding areas are all tropical. The world’s best diving and snorkeling enthusiasts have already discovered this wonderful holiday retreat. Sun worshipers can enjoy the beautiful beaches. So you can hit the beach, lie under the warm sun and party the night. An island that creatively combines romance and fun. You can satisfy your palate with mixtures of Suriname, Caribbean, Chinese, Dutch and Indian influenced food. Undoubtedly one of the most alluring tropical vacation destinations in the world.

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So if you’re looking for the best tropical vacation destinations, you now have a few to add to your list of tropical vacation ideas. All of these offer you with stunning beaches, mouth-watering food, gorgeous private islands, luxury accommodations, fantastic water sports, marine life and summer-like weather. Out of these tropical vacation destinations, what is your pick?

24 Responses to “Tropical Vacation Destinations For Your Pleasure”

  1. The Seychelles sounds and looks a nice place to visit, thanks for the info and this article too.
    James @ Philippine Islands recently posted..Best Islands for Tourism in the Philippines updated Mon Nov 5 2012 2:30 pm ESTMy Profile

  2. Volunteer Vacations says:

    Thanks Shamis, actually i am a working on an animal conservation projects and i arrange a volunteer vacations tours every year. Which one you suggest from your list to visit next year for my volunteer vacations? I visited some of tropical island last year.

    • Shamis says:

      I think you will find Bali to be a great place for a volunteer vacation. They have a rich wildlife with around 14% of Bali reserved as a National Park and close to 300 bird species. Bali Starling – their national bird is facing extinction so projects like yours could probably help.

  3. Arianwen says:

    They all look stunning, and I’ve never been to any of them! Perhaps I should save one for my honeymoon though…(if I ever find a man)!
    Arianwen recently posted..Interesting facts about boobies – and other Galapagos residentsMy Profile

  4. CreditDonkey says:

    Hi Shamis,

    What a great list of tropical travel destinations! I would also love to visit all of them! Sigh…if only I could win the lottery.:)

    Seychelles would be at the top of my list since I’ve been fascinated by the name and the place ever since I can remember but I think Bali is a more possible destination because it’s nearer.

    These beautiful dream destinations will definitely go to my bucket list!
    CreditDonkey recently posted..Shoppers Feel Safer Shopping Online than at Local StoresMy Profile

  5. Shalu Sharma says:

    Great set of destinations for that tropical getaways. Out of these I have only been to Bali. Its such a tranquil environment to be in. The people were great and the food out of this world. The Caribbean is another set of places I would love to visit. I have some relatives over there and would love to take the opportunity to visit them and the place at the same time.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Corruption in IndiaMy Profile

  6. Oh my gosh, what a decision to make! Well, forced to pick one I’d say Tahiti only because I’ve been wanting to go there my whole life. Great destinations, all!
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Roses on the MediterraneanMy Profile

  7. Candice says:

    The Seychelles are my favorite! It is so incredibly beautiful there!
    Candice recently posted..Top Europe Destinations for AutumnMy Profile

  8. Beautiful destinations, Shamis! I’m heading out to Bali by next year. Pretty excited for it. For the moment, I’m looking forward to my upcoming trip to El Nido in Palawan, one highly recommended tropical destinations here in the Philippines you might want to consider.
    Adeline Yuboco recently posted..4 Reasons to Go on a Yoga RetreatMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      Thanks for the tip Adeline. Philippines sure have good tropical vacation spots. I’ve mentioned one in one of my previous posts.

  9. Leigh says:

    I’d like to go to Bali one day and the Seychelles landscape looks interesting. I did visit Tahiti but found it too hot and too expensive for my tastes.
    Leigh recently posted..Lured by Larches: A Hike to Taylor & O’Brien Lakes, Banff NPMy Profile

  10. I haven’t been to any of these places, even in Bali! And it’s so near the Philippines! Would love to go to Tahiti and Seychelles too.
    Aleah | recently posted..How to Prepare for Your First Euro TripMy Profile

  11. I want to be in any one of those places right now. What a great list of dream destinations. I haven’t been to anyone of them. My favorite among the five that would make spend a week if money were no object would have to be on those over the water bungalows in Tahiti.
    Mary {The World Is A Book} recently posted..Canyonlands National Park: Island in the SkyMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      Hahaha I too would love to be in any of these tropical beach destinations at any given moment, although Seychelles and Bora Bora in Tahiti are on top of my list.

  12. Great post, Shamis, and you’ve touched on 5 destinations to which I’ve not yet been. Most of my travel over the past 3 years has been in search of the best chocolate destinations. As Madagascar produces some of the best chocolate and has some fascinating wildlife, it is high atop my list. It looks like it’s not too far from the Seychelles, so perhaps I can combine the 2 on a future trip.

    The others all sound intriguing as well.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..a diversion to Saskatoon for some fall coloursMy Profile

    • Shamis says:

      Yes, you’re in search for chocolate destinations and I love reading about it :) Hopefully you can visit Seychelles after going to Madagascar.