Thomas Cook Airlines Introduces inflight PSPs


Thomas Cook Airlines is going to replace its free in-flight entertainment systems with hand-held PlayStation PSPs. Now that is a treat :) Or is it? You be the judge of this technology savvy that is being introduced with Thomas Cook Airlines!
The device from Thomas Cook Airlines will be rented for £7.50 per […]

British Airways Launches Private Jet Service

British Airways

Are you ready for the next big thing by British Airways? Do you want travel in style and have the cash to do so, well here is something that you might be interested in. British Airways is launching a private jet service within North America and the Caribbean (includes southern Canada and […]

World Centre Hotel opens in New York

hotel room

A another spectacular thing to add to New York is  the World Centre Hotel. A 169 room Hotel from the ceiling-to-ceiling windows. Guests can watch  workers  rebuild the site of the 9/11 terrorists attacks – prompting some observers to question the appropriateness of the new World Centre  Hotel. new york never stops […]