Travel Photo: Morning View At Bentota, Sri Lanka

We go on a holiday to relax and get away from the busy working life in the city. Well I did exactly that when I went to the sunny city of Bentota in Sri Lanka. Facing the Indian Ocean, Bentota offers you swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing, and romantic river safaris. When […]

Travel Photo: 5th Century BC Painting of Sigiriya

Sigiriya or The Lion’s Rock in Sri Lanka is the rock fortress built on top of a 1,214 feet (370 meters) rock during King Kasyapa’s regime (477 AD – 495 AD). On this fortress there had been parks for the royals which included water retaining structures and sophisticated surface/subsurface hydraulic systems (some […]

Travel Photo: Beautiful And Colorful Fish

Unless you go scuba diving, one other place to see some beautiful and colorful fish are at the aquarium. I saw these vibrant fish at the National Zoo of Sri Lanka. I thought it was the lights that made them this colorful but it was just the fish themselves. Beautiful, aren’t they?
Colorful […]

Travel Picture: Hippopotamus In Love

Hippopotamus In Love At The zoo in Sri Lanka | Photo By Salika Wicks

If you love animals like I do, you would definitely capture amazing scenes of such animals when you travel. However I doubt Hippopotamus is your top pick for photographs though I could not resist these hippopotamus lovers in the Zoo of Sri Lanka. Take a look and it will for sure make […]

Travel Photo: Misty Waterfall On A Tropical Island

Waterfalls can be magical to watch, if you ever have the chance to catch a glimpse on your travels. I had that exact opportunity as I was on a road trip in Sri Lanka. As we were driving, I could see this from a far so we had to stop to take […]