Which Travel Hat Do You Wear?

All of us travelers have many things in common like our luggage, sunscreen, cameras and passion for traveling. However, if we take a closer look at each traveler, we can see our motives are different. Most of the time we choose our destinations depending on that. Other times we become a certain type of a traveler depending on which country we travel to. This so called ‘type‘ or the ‘travel hat‘ we wear is helpful in relating to people or a way of breaking the ice and bond.

Find Out Your Travel Hat

The Tour Guide Traveler

The Tour Guide Traveler | (c) Photo By The Expeditioner

1. Pilgrim

When you look at some travelers, you wonder if they have given up on materialistic things in life. I have seen such individuals at airports who looked as if they are going on a spiritual journey. They dress like pilgrims and can often see reading spiritual books as they spend time at airports.

2. Tour Guide

While most people just book a flight and check-in to a hotel, others start their holiday as if they are studying for an exam. They run to the bookshops, grab guidebooks of the country they are going to and study it so they know everything by heart the minute they land from the plane. Such enthusiastic travelers tend to visit every single attraction given on the guidebooks during their holiday.

3. Party Animal

Party animal travelers are usually ready in five minutes with a bunch of cloths and head off to the airport. The minute they land, they check-in to the hotel and the party beings! No club is too small or too loud, if there is a party happening. These energetic travelers can stay up at least until 3:00 am.

4. Jeweler

First thing that comes to mind of a jeweler is the wardrobe. Most importantly, what jewelry to wear for each occasion. So they spend hours deciding and packing the beads, necklaces and bracelets. These fashionable travelers tend to determine what type of jewelry to wear before picking the destination.

5. Saver

Who needs to break the bank account when you know how to spend $1 for street food? Who needs to spend the holiday in five star hotels when you can find a place with just a bed and bathroom? Every dollar saved is more money in the bank account when they return. Not to mention these smart travelers can go on a second trip the same year!

6. Tourist

I must admit, I am a tourist! You will see me standing in front of the Buckingham Palace taking pictures of myself, with my arm extending from the corner of the pictures and a huge smile that says “I was here”. And let us not forget all the souvenirs collected along the way. The magnets, the t-shirts, mugs, post cards and the list goes on.

7. Drifter

Who needs to plan and book hotels right? All they need is some clean underwear and phone numbers of a couple of hotels to call and see if they are vacant. Once settled, these risk taking travelers can wing it from there. Just take one day at a time and explore.

8. Journalist

For Journalists, the trip starts with a travel journal filled with every bit of detail, from flight time to what they ate. The journal will be transformed into a work of art by the time the trip is done. They have the potential to write excellent guidebooks.

9. Storyteller

You will always know a storyteller when you meet one. Their conversations always start with ‘back home we…‘ There will be a never ending saga of stories from these types of travelers. By the time you are done chatting with them, either you want to visit where they are from, or you just want to run the other way!

10. Cheerleader

They are excited the minute they know the trip is planned. They are up at 5:00 am with suitcases at the door while getting everyone else up too, though the flight leaves at 2:00 pm. They send positive vibes by saying things like ‘this is going to be awesome’ or ‘we are going to have so much fun’. But hey, having such a bubbly person can get you all excited for the trip too.

11. Casanova

There is always a Casanova, looking for love when they go abroad. To them, everything has the word ‘love‘ written all over. Their journey starts off to Paris, looking for the perfect person to fall in love with. Everything around them seems so beautiful and filled with love. But here is a bit of advice to the next Casanova: your soul mate is most likely on a motorcycle riding on the highway than waiting for you under the moon in Paris with a bottle of champagne.

12. Camel Man

All they need is some cargo pants with about 50 pockets and they are ready for the journey abroad. If ever you need a band aide, chances are Camel Man will have it. Want to open a coconut in Brazil, no problem, they will have a Swiss army knife for you. Feeling cold? I am sure a blanket will pop up from their pockets. No matter what you need, the Camel Man will be there to provide you with anything you need.

13. Native

When these type of travelers go abroad, they will truly become the natives of that country. It will be all about life and its culture, all the other stuff can wait until they get back home. They will be eating street food, and even speak the local language.

Most of the time, we wear different hats when we travel. We love to tell stories or carry a journal along on our travels or like the possibility of falling in love. It is the travel experience that matters. So which travel hat do you wear when you travel?

6 Responses to “Which Travel Hat Do You Wear?”

  1. mariosx69 says:

    In my wide desert of wadi rum , you need a good one
    thank you
    mariosx69 recently posted..Wadi Rum 7 Pillars Camping And ToursMy Profile

  2. Shamis says:

    Love your sense of humor :) Thanks for the comment!
    Shamis recently posted..How To Get FREE Hotel & Flight UpgradesMy Profile

  3. african safari hat says:

    It’s a baseball cap for me most of the time. Love your analogies.
    african safari hat recently posted..Land of Endless SpaceMy Profile

  4. Shamis says:

    Thanks for the comments! I think we wear one or two travel hats most of the time while other times wear many :)
    Shamis recently posted..How To Get FREE Hotel & Flight UpgradesMy Profile

  5. Well, when I travel I just like to go to the hotel or condo and relax, maybe take a day or two to see the sights, I mean after all why else would I vacation? So I’m not quite sure what that makes me.. A little bit tourist and… I don’t know I think you need a new travel hat for me. Maybe settler lol
    Vacation Lover recently posted..Stretching Exercises For Seniors &amp The ElderlyMy Profile

  6. That’s a pretty interesting way to look at travel…I think I’m a combination native and camel man. Love the concept here!