Coolest Spas Around The World

So you booked yourself into one of the coolest spas you know of, the massage table is ready and you are all set for couple hours of relaxing time. Doesn’t this sound like an usual spa weekend getaway we all are used to? Sure, after oil baths and massages, we feel great, but how about tiny snakes slithering along your back instead of a masseuse’s hands? Hearing this along might give you goose bumps but with over 20,600 spas in the USA, it will only get creative to satisfy you. So if you are brave enough and bored with the Swedish deep tissue massages, check out these unique and coolest spas in the world.

Coolest Spas In The World

Chodovar Beer Wellness Land, Czech Republic

Coolest Spas Around The World: Chodovar Beer Spa, Czech Republic

Chodovar Beer Spa, Czech Republic | (c) Photo By Trazzler Deals

Talk about immersing yourself in beer! The Chodovar Beer Spa is a place where you can slip into a bath full of beer, mineral water, herbs and beer yeast. This combination will give your body an immunity boost and help skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. Don’t worry, you can enjoy beer as well. A consistent factor you will notice is that all Chodovar beer has mineral water. You can really taste the freshness and high quality of the water in your beer. So if you are a fan of beer and spa, this is the best place to be.

Bota Bota, Canada

Coolest Spas Around The World: Montreal Spa Bota Bota, Canada

Montreal Spa Bota Bota, Canada | (c) Photo by Montreal For Insiders

Background music of waves sure is calming when getting a massage. At Bota Bota, there is no need to turn on a CD player for this. You are on the waves – floating on a 1960 showboat that has been turned into a luxury spa in 2008. The Bota Bota in Canada is anchored in the Saint Lawrence River in the port of Old Montreal. You can enjoy yourself with a selection of pools, showers, saunas and steam baths and special body treatments like the Coco Wave or Honey Ocean. If that is not enough, you can sway on the boat’s hammock overlooking the city skyline!

Ada Barak’s Carnivorous Plant Farm, Israel

Coolest Spas In The World: Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm

Ada Barak's Carnivorous Plant Farm Treatment | (c) Photo By Borak Kosong

There are many massages such as aromatherapy, hot stones, deep tissue, and Shiatsu to name a few, but have you ever heard of getting a massage by snakes? Well there is one in Israel, if you dare to experience it. Ada Barak, the proud owner of this place started out by displaying her pet snakes to the public, and later decided that her snakes would be great masseurs when she started getting positive feedback from her friends who held them. The snakes used are all non-venomous. Small ones are used to massage the face and neck areas while the larger ones focus on your back. The snakes vary in size. If you like snake massage, you might also be interested in foot massage by toothless fish.

Lime Spa, Maldives

Coolest Spas Around The World: Lime Spa in Maldives

Lime Spa in Maldives | (c) Photo By Crystals Sandy Maldives

Maldives has been always famous for their luxurious spas over the water bungalows with glass floors. And now comes the world’s first underwater spaLime Spa. You can enjoy your spa treatment while clown fish, parrot fish, blacktip reef sharks, eels, and many other creatures swim by. The names of their treatments are ‘fun’ as well. How about a Marine Wave (aromatic body and scalp massage) or a Pulp Friction (full-body exfoliation with mineral sea salts and botanical oil).

New York Spa Castle, USA

Coolest Spas In The World: New York Spa Castle

New York Spa Castle Mermaid Pool | (c) Photo By Huffpost New York

You will feel as though you have entered another world when you visit New York Spa Castle. From the filtered oxygen in the air to the “magic” watch you are given when you arrive to use as a key for your locker(s), Spa Castle is a totally foreign experience. After changing into your uniform (peach colored for women and gray for men), you can explore the five-story spa, food court, plunge pools, bars and multiple pools. When you have all this, who wants to leave in a couple of hours? So at this New york spa, you can spend the whole day.

So the next time you plan for some relaxing at a spa, why not give one of these glamorous and coolest spas a chance?

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