How To Make Travel Complaints?

As a traveler, I have come across few times to make travel complaints about travel companies or airlines. I must say, I was satisfied 95% of the time with the customer service I received when booking flights or checking into hotels. However, that negative 5% of the time made me want to […]

Travel Photo: Lonley Cloud In The Sky

Lonley Cloud

Capturing the bright blue sky filled with clouds are amazing but it is on rare occasions you get to see a single large cloud floating on the sky. While on a trip to spend the night at a national sanctuary, I noticed this large cloud away from the rest. Guess it wanted […]

5 Must See Places In The United Kingdom

United Kingdom is one of the most storied civilizations in history. This legendary country has influenced the world with art, literature, hospitality, music and culture. United Kingdom is known as the largest empire in history and continues to draw visitors from around the world. There are many places, sights and activities to […]

Travel Photo: Cashew Apples

We come across various kinds of fresh fruits on our travels to foreign lands. Some we’ve heard of like apples and some we are not too familiar with like different kinds of bananas. Today’s travel photo is about a fruit that many of you may not familiar with, called cashew apple. You […]

Yobot Comes To Life At Hotel Yotel New York

Technology surprises us at places we least expect it, like at Hotel Yotel New York. This time it is in one of the New York hotels. Meet the new bellhop boy or should I say the luggage robot named Yobot in Hotel Yotel New York. This is the first time guests will […]