Travel Photo: Delicious Strawberry Pizza

If you are like me, you are a strawberry fan! It could be chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry milkshake or strawberry cake…if it has the name strawberry in it, how can you possibly deny it right? While on a trip, I heard about a little place called Adma Strawberry Farm in Kandy, Sri […]

Travel Advice I Ignore On My Trips

Ever since I started traveling, I was given a lot of travel advice from how to pack my suitcase to how to book a hotel. Often times I skipped most advices and traveled. Everyone has their own idea of how, where, when, why and with whom to travel. It occurred to me […]

Funny Cartoons To Make Travelers Smile

We all love to see funny cartoons, don’t we? When it comes to traveling, sometimes you have to look at the brighter side of things by putting aside the stress of travel planning. So take a look at these funny cartoons about travel. I am sure you will have a giggle or […]

My Top 6 European Holiday Destinations

Are you looking for European holiday destinations but have no clue as to where in Europe to go? Or are you concerned about the budget? Don’t settle for a camping holiday just yet because there are great European holiday destinations that won’t break your bank account. Here are my top 6 destinations […]

5 Destinations To See Colorful Flowers

Colorful flowers has always been an eye catcher for me no matter what country I travel to, and whether it is at a garden or down the street. Flowers to me bring out imagination, touch my heart and make me smile. This could be true for many others too. When you visit […]