Travel Photo: Tropical Palm Tree Closeup

Whenever I visit a tropical country, I love to sit under a palm tree (coconut tree) to enjoy the shade while sipping some coconut water. I also love the flavor coconut adds to food. I’m sure you all have had coconut too but how many of you have seen what it looks […]

Why Pack When You Can Rent Cloths?

How many of us pack our bags only to realize there are more cloths lying on bed that need to fit in the bag? Or just can’t find right cloths you need to take on the holiday? Well, all these questions are answered thanks to a company that enable travelers to rent […]

My Cruise Destinations

For sometime I’ve been dreaming of boarding a cruise ship. Even as a kid I dreamed about what would it be like in the great ocean. Of course the dream as a kid was far fetched. The thought of going on a cruise came again to my mind when I saw a […]

Hot Springs For Macaque Monkeys In Japan

Picture a soothing and relaxing place where you can unwind and be free…sounds like a spa? Well that would be a spa for sure. A place we can be to get away from stress. However, it is not just us who wants to relax apparently. Macaque monkeys or Snow monkeys in Japan […]

Padlocks of Love In Paris

Love Lock In Paris

Paris – the most romantic city of the world where lovers dream of going. From the lucky ones who made it to Paris, how many of you brought back lasting memories? I’m sure everyone captured memories as pictures, some probably got tattoos that mention their lover’s name or initials, and others might have […]