Banff Calgary City Guide Canada


The natural beauty of Banff Calgary draws many tourists throughout the year. If you are visiting British Columbia or Alberta during your Canada trip, one place you must visit is Banff. It is a wonderful getaway for the city’s residents. The Town of Banff is in the province of Alberta and set […]

The Bavarian German Restaurant Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Bavarian

The Bavarian German Restaurant Colombo is one place I go to every time I visit Sri Lanka. Located in Galle Face Court, The Bavarian German Restaurant Colombo has been running since 1983. It has an authentic German setting and fares to live up to your expectations. The service and the food are both […]

London, England


England is famous for many things – Big Ben, The Royal Family, Red Buses, The Beatles and of course David Beckham.
England is a great place I would suggest to visit. A country filled with rich history! A English accent that many of us love! The British are said to be reserved in […]

Immunization When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is a great activity for anyone, especially when you go abroad but have you thought about immunization. However, it is very important to look after your health first. This is where immunization comes to play. It is wise to make an appointment with your physician or travel medicine clinic before your […]

Famous Frankfurt Attractions, Germany


Frankfurt is the main industrial, commercial and financial city in Germany. It’s a lively and diversified metropolis in the heart of Europe. Exploring Frankfurt may take a while for some although I was able to visit many places in a week’s time. So don’t worry if your time is limited. This list […]