Planning A Romantic New Years Trip

As the winter holidays and New Years approach, take the opportunity it presents to use some of the annual leave most people are entitled from work, and take a mid-winter romantic holiday over the New Years. To enjoy the perfect getaway, the trick is to planning and booking travel and lodging in advance. It sure can make this ordinary celebration an affordable and romantic surprise. Treat yourself and your significant other on a romantic New Years trip to someplace unexpected or to an old favorite spot you shared back in the day. Here are some tips to plan your New Years trip and make it super romantic.

Tips For A Romantic New Years Trip

Romantic New Years Celebration

Romantic New Years Celebration

Clear Schedules

Whether paired with business or entirely for pleasure, sneaking in a two or three day New Years holiday away from the hustle and bustle of today’s world can often require advanced scheduling skills. Not only do you need to book accommodations in advance, you need to clear your work schedules, make arrangements for children and pets to be cared for and stop the mail and newspapers. Leave pagers and PDAs at home. Keep cell phones on hand in case of emergencies, of course, but once the business aspects has finished, put the briefcase, file folders and email away. Completely clear your schedules of anything business related. Use the time for relaxation, enjoyment and getting to know each other again.

Consider Weather

While the idea of exotic islands with warm water and sandy beaches can be very appealing during winter and New Years, it can also mean rain and wind. If a getaway for skiing appeals, be prepared for the snow and ice on the roadway. Ensure your mode of travel is winterized from the tires to the oil and antifreeze. Don’t forget to pack appropriately for both the departure and arrival destinations and allow room in your luggage for weather conditions, if you’re heading to a different environment.

If you live in the northern part of the United States and want to head south close to New Years, be aware that it can get cold with a dusting of snow and ice occasionally in the Southern states. Winter conditions can still exist; they’re just not as extreme, thankfully. The southern half of Florida may not experience freezing temperatures very often, but it’s rarely warm enough for comfortable sunbathing in the winter months.

Romance and Renewal on New Years Eve

The traditional kiss at New Years Eve can highlight a celebration in a romantic setting. Enjoy a late dinner under the stars, dance closely for a while, then take a stroll to a private spot and welcome the New Year with quiet talk and intimate plans for the future.

Destination Matters

Renew yourself and your relationship with a destination that drips in romance – Paris, Rome or Venice, for example. If you prefer to stay closer to home, try New York City, Denver, Seattle or San Francisco, for example. Alternatively, you can renew and refresh relationships by revisiting the spot where you promised to share your lives. This is romantic in most people’s lives as it was the place where a wedding proposal was presented. That makes it a perfect romantic getaway for New Years. Try something like a horse drawn carriage for maximum romance or a trolley car to relive memories or a limo for maximum luxury. Possibilities are almost endless.

So plan ahead and make this New Years celebration something romantic and something special that will be cherished for years to come.

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