Which Travel Hat Do You Wear?

All of us travelers have many things in common like our luggage, sunscreen, cameras and passion for traveling. However, if we take a closer look at each traveler, we can see our motives are different. Most of the time we choose our destinations depending on that. Other times we become a certain […]

10 Reasons You Know It Is Time To Travel

So you are sitting at home thinking why you stick to the same old routine without taking a break from it all. You know you can use a holiday and that there is so much more in the world to explore, experience and get yourself indulge in. Can’t convince yourself yet? Here […]

Enjoy Airport Lounges When You Travel

The first VIP airport lounge was launched in 1936 to reward the best customers of American Airlines by then Chairman – C.R Smith. Back then membership was exclusive and was under the discretion of the airline. This is an However, it has changed since. Anyone with enough money can join some of […]

Strange Items Left Behind At Hotel Rooms

Many of us who travel probably have left behind an umbrella, souvenir or a scarf at the hotel room. Many of us don’t even realize it until the next time we want it. Most of the time these are just minor things we can live without. However, you would be surprised to know […]

Great Excuses To Have A Destination Wedding

For those of you who are thinking or planning a destination wedding, may it be a tropical beach destination or a romantic European destination, it is not as bad as you think. The thought of hosting your big day and wedding planning could be overwhelming itself so how would taking the wedding […]