10 Reasons You Know It Is Time To Travel

So you are sitting at home thinking why you stick to the same old routine without taking a break from it all. You know you can use a holiday and that there is so much more in the world to explore, experience and get yourself indulge in. Can’t convince yourself yet? Here are some reasons when you know it is time for some traveling.

How You Know It’s Time To Travel

Travel The World

Travel The World | (c) Photo By Kinzee Elise

1. You talk with more people abroad than you do at home

Your friends from Australia on Facebook get more attention than those friends who live hundred feet away. Go on and be a part of their lives again. You must miss them and surely they must miss you too. A flight takes only a few hours but the refreshing feeling of experiencing a new land is timeless.

2. You have too much money

Do you really need a dozen iPods or go clubbing every night? Instead you could help out a fellow traveler by sponsoring their Antarctica Marathon. But really, don’t just sponsor and go watch TV. Go out into the world with them and experience it.

3. You got dumped

You don’t really have to be broken hearted to travel but any traumatic event that makes you feel like you need a fresh start could work. Maybe you are about to get married and need one last blowout before the big day. Whatever the reason, you are are in some kind of emotional state that you need a refreshing mind.

4. Coffee is what you wake up to and take to bed

You become so used to your 9 to 5 cubicle that the caffeine rush and the sound of coffee grinding makes your mouth water. You are spending too much time staring at the computer screen while you can still remember what sunlight feels like.

5. Tired of hearing about the never ending world affairs

“Hey man did you hear about all this….?”
“What has the President done now?”
Stop listening to others describe it, go and live it yourself!

6. TV is the most interesting part of your day

You watch too much TV and it is an excuse for not reading books and feel unchallenged and unfulfilled. Well the best way to break this is to get out of that sofa! Do some volunteer work, meet some different people, take a walk to the art gallery. Do any traveling other than being a couch potato.

7. The city life is not what it used to be

The horizon just don’t provide the same sense of excitement or visual stimulation as when you first arrived in the big city. You need a change, unfamiliar surroundings, a new city, a green mountain, endless ocean, ice…whatever works for you.

8. You can not find those authentic foreign foods at home

The Mexican food in San Francisco isn’t nearly as spicy as you remember it from Mexico City. The exotic Indian curries just don’t taste as good as it used to be. And those cookbooks about how to make the perfect Italian pasta is just not working anymore. Food is a good motivator to cross the border. So go on and satisfy those taste buds.

9. You do not want to end up in the ‘bucket list’

What is the ‘bucket list‘ story? It is about two old guys who find out they are dying and do everything they can before they kick the bucket. Instead do it while you are young and healthy. Who knows, you might find the secret of eternal youth along the way.

10. Be a rebel

People such as bosses, girlfriend/boyfriend and family tell you not to go. This is when you can be a rebel and do what you like. Traveling sounds like the best idea in the world when you are forbidden to do it!

So how do you know that it is time to pack and travel?

4 Responses to “10 Reasons You Know It Is Time To Travel”

  1. Shamis says:

    Well, you don’t have to travel to the other side of the world. You can plan according to your budget. Camping would be cheap :)
    Shamis recently posted..Camping – An Adventurous Travel Activity For GuysMy Profile

  2. smaziz says:

    What can I do if I don’t have enough money but I have a hope for travel? I agree with many points.

  3. Shamis says:

    Thanks for your comment. It’s true, authentic foods are always best tasted when you are in that country. That’s one of the reasons why I love to travel too! Who can say no to tasty food :)
    Shamis recently posted..Visa Book – The Visa Guide For USA CitizensMy Profile

  4. Ashlie says:

    Great post! I can especially relate to “You can not find those authentic foreign foods at home” since I am such a foodie but I have never needed an excuse to travel. Thanks for sharing