Yobot Comes To Life At Hotel Yotel New York

Technology surprises us at places we least expect it, like at Hotel Yotel New York. This time it is in one of the New York hotels. Meet the new bellhop boy or should I say the luggage robot named Yobot in Hotel Yotel New York. This is the first time guests will […]

Track All Your Loyalty Points With AwardWallet

How good are you at tracking your air miles, hotel privilege points, rental car rewards and various other loyalty points? These are usually few of the loyalty program cards we can never find when we need it. Worst of all, some of us have no knowledge of it until the rewards expire. […]

Singapore Airlines Unveils Its Latest In-Flight Feature

Who is not excited when their favorite airline introduces a cool in-flight advancement? I will be excited for sure. We already have in-flight WiFi, satellite TV, seat-to-seat messaging and touchscreen menu ordering. So what is next? Singapore Airlines, one of the best airlines that also offers a great amenity kit has come up […]

Top Travel Apps And Apple Workshops For Travelers

We all have had our fair share of travel madness, especially at airports. Sometimes we rush to the airport only to discover our flight has been delayed or cancelled. Then we run to the ticket counter to book a new flight along with other frustrated travelers, and wait for hours. Now imagine […]

Benefits of iPad 2 For Travelers

Apple being an innovative technology company set the bar high for mobile technology when they released iPhone and iPad. Millions of people across the globe has come to love Apple products including their line of mobile products. It is about time for Apple iPad 2 to come along with upgrades and of […]