Wearable Hands-Free Camcorder For Your Next Trip

Looxcie Wearable Camcorder

I love to record memories and moments on my camcorder whenever I travel. I bet other travelers love the same other than capturing travel photos. But sometimes carrying a camcorder is difficult. Especially when your hands get tired carrying the camcorder or when you are sipping a drink by the pool. Well […]

Connect With Fellow Travelers In Youth Hostels

Green Hostel

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular, a great percentage of us use it at least few times each week. These social networks allow us to share information and travel photos with family, friends, coworkers and other acquaintances. To add to that, we have mobile device apps that can […]

Free Facebook Access On Airlines This February

Who can be without Facebook these days right? Even when we travel. Well I have some great news for all the travelers who want to connect to the most popular social networking website while on the flight. You will be able to check your Facebook account for FREE with seven airlines this […]

Plan The Perfect Trip Itinerary

So you are finally ready to take few weeks off to travel. You finally selected the perfect tourist destination you have been planning for months, if not years. So what are you going to do once you are at the destination? Do you know the tourist attractions there? How about their opening […]

iPhone Translator App For World Travelers

Do you remember the times you needed an iPhone translator app to translate text that was in a different language? This happens to many travelers when they go to a foreign country. It could be either to read the menu or road signs. Whichever it is, an iPhone translator app is a […]