2010 – The Year of The Mobile Traveler

In my opinion 2010 can be declared as the Year of the Mobile Traveler. I think many of you will agree with me. However this new year could bring even more mobile travel technologies. So we can expect many more mobile travel apps, and everything will be available at a touch of […]

Landmark London Hotel Launches Its Very Own iPhone App

Technology makes lives easier, and especially for travelers these days. Introducing another technology wonder to the traveling world – The Landmark London has launched its very own app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It was designed as a guide to the hotel’s amenities and surrounding areas to help […]

Innovative Travel Product: Backpacks Armed With Alarms

As a traveler I want my backpack to be secured though I may not carry a lot of valuable items. So I use a small padlock to keep it safe. However, what if a small padlock just won’t cut it for your backpack? Well have no fear. Introducing iSafe backpacks – backpacks […]

Full Body Scanners At Airports Reaveal All

There are lot of talks about the full body scanners at airports. These new full body scanners are now becoming popular than the normal body searches that we all were once used to. These scanners, better know as ‘whole body imaging technologies‘ can see through your clothing to reveal metallic and non metallic […]

Tips & Tools To Become The Traveling Digital Ninja

Technology is everywhere. Even when we travel we carry our smartphones and laptops. But there are times we get frustrated because we cannot check our emails at the airport or we miss out on watching our favorite TV show because we are half way around the world. Well, be frustrated no more. […]