8 Ways To Customize Your Backpack

Backpacks of many travelers look pretty boring. I am talking about the look from the outside of travel backpacks. You got yourself a backpack like thousands of travelers out there. Nothing interesting, am I right? Avid travelers don’t really pay that much attention to their backpacks most of the time because it will […]

Obtaining A Passport For Your Child In Canada

It is undoubtedly a big day for everyone in the family when we decide to take a trip to a foreign country. Adults know the basic drill – pack your bags, read the guide books and grab your passport that is valid. However, traveling with infants is another story. They can’t pack […]

Important Street Smarts And Safety Travel Tips

Although I have traveled to different parts of the world without troubles, I knew quite a bit street smarts travel tips and safety travel tips. Mainly because I used to travel as a child so I think what my parents talked and did got in to my mind from the early days. […]

Learning A Language To Help Your Travels

We all know that learning a language can be tough. Reading a 500 page book on how to speak a foreign language can be overwhelming. And if you don’t have much interest in learning a language, learning grammar and memorizing new vocabulary will not be fun either. However it would be beneficial […]

Connect With Fellow Travelers In Youth Hostels

Green Hostel

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are so popular, a great percentage of us use it at least few times each week. These social networks allow us to share information and travel photos with family, friends, coworkers and other acquaintances. To add to that, we have mobile device apps that can […]