Summer Holidays: Do Mom’s Really Have a Holiday During The Summer?

frustrated mom

When it’s time for summer holidays, it¬†should be the time to put your feet up and leave the cooking and cleaning to someone else. This is what most Mom’s have in their minds. But sadly, it is not the case most of the time.¬†Going on a summer holiday with kids can be […]

‘Turn Off’ Work When on Holiday


No matter the time or place, we are all hooked to work when we have our smart-phones and blackberry’s close by and turning it off when on holiday is hard. The temptation to just check one email or make a quick call to see whats going on at the office. This can […]

Immunization When Traveling Abroad

Traveling is a great activity for anyone, especially when you go abroad but have you thought about immunization. However, it is very important to look after your health first. This is where immunization comes to play. It is wise to make an appointment with your physician or travel medicine clinic before your […]

Famous Frankfurt Attractions, Germany


Frankfurt is the main industrial, commercial and financial city in Germany. It’s a lively and diversified metropolis in the heart of Europe. Exploring Frankfurt may take a while for some although I was able to visit many places in a week’s time. So don’t worry if your time is limited. This list […]