Benefits of Ziploc Bags When You Travel

Ziploc bags are our best friend when it’s time to pack our lunches. No leaks and no spills – guaranteed. I don’t use Ziploc bags at home all that much but I find them very handy when traveling. I always slide a couple in different sizes into my suitcase or carry-on when […]

Tips & Tools To Become The Traveling Digital Ninja

Technology is everywhere. Even when we travel we carry our smartphones and laptops. But there are times we get frustrated because we cannot check our emails at the airport or we miss out on watching our favorite TV show because we are half way around the world. Well, be frustrated no more. […]

Why Pack When You Can Rent Cloths?

How many of us pack our bags only to realize there are more cloths lying on bed that need to fit in the bag? Or just can’t find right cloths you need to take on the holiday? Well, all these questions are answered thanks to a company that enable travelers to rent […]

Backpacking Tips For The Road Junkies

Are you the adventurous traveler who likes to pack your backpack and hit the road? If so, are you up with the latest fashions and know what you MUST pack in your backpack? If not, don’t worry. Yours truly have some backpacking tips for you. These backpacking tips and secrets will make […]

Simple Tips To Overcome Jet Lag & Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Many of us get out of the flight so ‘jaded’ after traveling for a long time. We look at our watches to see it’s just 2:00pm at home though the vacation destination time is 4:00am. Next the question comes…do I sleep or stay awake? Welcome to Jet lag! Jet lag is a […]