Top 5 Airline Food You Shouldn’t Miss

How many of you travelers enjoy in-flight food? As for me, I’m not the biggest fan of some airline food. On the other hand some flights do give a decent meal, if you are on a long international flight. However many domestic flights can give you cookies or nothing at all. There’s still hope as there are some airlines that serve mouth watering in-flight food to fill our taste buds. It’s nice to know that some airlines do care about what we eat, doesn’t it? Let’s check them out.

Airlines That Serve Best In-Flight Food

Airline Food

Airline Food | (cc) Photo By AaronC

1. Pork Buns – Cathay Pacific

Some of the best airline food comes from Asia. And no one does it better then Cathay Pacific who provides great food for their passengers. I personally agree as I have traveled with Cathay Pacific. A delicious treat you can find with Cathay Pacific is the tasty pork bun that you would find in a little deli in North America. Trust me, it’s so yummy!

2. Lasagna – British Airway

I am not sure if lasagna can go wrong with anyone but hey you sure can not miss the one with British Airways. This is a catch or miss dish because British Airways offer this on international flights as a entree while walking down the aisle. So you should never say no, if you are given the chance to taste it.

3. Shrimp in Thai Dressing With Asparagus – Thai Airways

What can possible go wrong with the flavorful Thai food? Nothing! This dish is both tasty and healthy at the same time. Seafood may not be the first choice of many travelers but you would not want to miss this tasty dish. Thai Airways will offer you many different seafood dishes such as this delicious shrimp with asparagus on the side.

4. Lamb Shank – Malaysian Airlines

If you check out Malaysian Airlines website, you will find they have feature of what they call their ‘signature dishes‘. For them to do that, they sure know they can satisfy their passengers. Lamb Shank is one popular dish with Malaysian Airlines, along with North Atlantic Cod and a cheese dish. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

5. Slow Cooked Beef in Rosemary Sauce – Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has become more  popular with offering tasty food and one of the leaders as well in airline foods. The name of the dish alone arouse taste buds. What more can Singapore Airline offer you when it comes to food, the airline sells a cookbook of recipes of the food they serve on board. Their menus are chosen with the aid of gourmet chefs such as Gordon Ramsey. So who said airline food tastes bad?

So now that you know of these airlines that offer great food, don’t leave it behind. Pick up your fork and knife and dig into these delicious airline food. If you know of other airlines that offer great in-flight food, share them on comments section below.

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