Add Green Jewelry To Your Travel Wardrobe Collection

Did you know that being green and stylish can go hand in hand? Well, if you are fashion conscious as well as care for a greener earth, add Green Veggie Jewelry for your wardrobe collection. This is great for everyone – vegans, vegetarians and jewelry lovers who want to accessorize when traveling. […]

How To Be Fashionable When You Travel To Europe

Traveling To Europe anytime soon? OK stop, don’t just grab the cloths in your closet and pack. There is more to packing for Europe than you can imagine, grasshopper. Europeans have a classy way of presenting themselves. Look at James Bond for example. If not anything, he is smartly dressed be it […]

Smart Travel Dresses To Make Life Easier

Smart travel dresses is something every woman who travels look for. In fact it is a must in every fashion conscious traveling lady’s bag. Comfortable, cute and washable travel dresses are dresses that is easy to pack, wrinkle free and fancy enough to wear for an evening drink. It should also be […]

How To Be Fashionable When Traveling

Traveling by air is already a hassle but do you really have to dress like an overweight luggage?¬†Whether you’re heading to conquer Mount Everest or to enjoy sunny Malibu, flying in style won’t harm you. In fact, it will pay off well. Studies show that you’re treated much better when you appear […]