Benefits of Ziploc Bags When You Travel

Ziploc bags are our best friend when it’s time to pack our lunches. No leaks and no spills – guaranteed. I don’t use Ziploc bags at home all that much but I find them very handy when traveling. I always slide a couple in different sizes into my suitcase or carry-on when […]

Tips & Tools To Become The Traveling Digital Ninja

Technology is everywhere. Even when we travel we carry our smartphones and laptops. But there are times we get frustrated because we cannot check our emails at the airport or we miss out on watching our favorite TV show because we are half way around the world. Well, be frustrated no more. […]

Souvenirs: Great Idea To Remember Your Trip

I always grab souvenirs when I travel to remember my journey. It doesn’t matter if I was at an exotic destination or at a local city. I guess it’s my way of recalling what made the trip special. The souvenirs doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a fortune. It just need […]

5 Best Books To Read While You Travel

Having the time to read is one of the greatest pleasures of being on a holiday but it won’t be, if the books you packed are a let-down. So it is important you take the right books to read so you won’t be disappointed when you’re reading them while sun tanning by […]

Things You Must Pack In Your Carry-On Bag When Traveling

carry on bag

The best way to travel is of course with no luggage at all or just pack what you need. Wishful thinking for some of us but for those travelers who can travel with only a carry-on bag are the lucky ones or shall I say blessed ones. Traveling light is an art […]