Travel Tips For Romantic Holidays

When it comes to romantic holidays, there are so many travel tips to give but the question is, what makes a vacation romantic? Flowers and wine? Being romantic on a holiday is essential for couples, be it your honeymoon or 25th anniversary. For instance, a couple taking a casual beach holiday is about sunscreen and sandy toes. However, a romantic holiday to the beach is about long walks on the beach hand in hand and sipping a drink together when the sun sets in the evening. Romantic holidays are not all about sunsets though but ladies are all about romance. So guys, take a note of these travel tips to plan your next romantic holiday.

Travel Tips To Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Travel Tips - Romantic Dinner On Lake

Romantic Dinner On Lake | (c) Photo By Dreamater

Travel Tips #1: Find a location that is peaceful

A pool filled with tourists or a club playing loud music are good to hang out with friends. A romantic place, on the other hand, has to be quiet and peaceful. Such a place would be a patio of an Italian cafe or a bistro at sunset. Better yet, a bottle of wine by the fireplace when it starts to snow.

Travel Tips #2: Be prepared

What makes a romantic holiday truly romantic is how well prepared you are. It is all about two people in love having fun together. One person is half the ingredients to a wonderful romantic holiday. Little things like picnic in a beautiful park may sound easy but if you’re not prepared well, it may not be as romantic as you may want it to be. So take time to plan the trip.

Travel Tips #3: Find something striking to do

As striking as it may sound, watching a world cup game on TV at a five star hotel is far from romantic. Instead, watching the stars in sheer quietness from top of a hill is very striking and romantic. If you go to France, plan a surprise trip to Padlocks of Love in Paris and hang a love padlock. Remember, unique things can be striking and romantic at the same time.

Travel Tips #4: Do something adventurous

Many of us loose the wow factor and romance when doing the same thing over and over again. For instance, if you go to Spanish restaurants on every Friday night, try something new. Grab some burgers from a street vendor and head out to the park or try a sushi bar. You don’t have to give up on your traditions, if they do mean something but remember that routines aren’t always romantic. Something adventurous is.

If you want more travel tips to make your vacation romantic, try calling your concierge to get recommendations. They will be able to help you with most romantic places to visit in the area, romantic things to do, and basically make your trip more romantic. Do you have your own romantic travel tips? Don’t forget to share them.

4 Responses to “Travel Tips For Romantic Holidays”

  1. One more thing is select good and reliable ground partner.

  2. Adeline says:

    It’s also definitely a good idea to try to ask the concierge to help you with a bit of preparation so that the romance starts the moment you arrive. What woman wouldn’t love to see a hotel room sprinkled with rose petals, flowers, candles, chocolates and champagne waiting for them? :)
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    • Shamis says:

      Having a concierge is like having a best friend when it comes to planing that romantic holiday :) Less stress for you and more to to enjoy being with each other.