How To Get FREE Hotel & Flight Upgrades

Unless you set a high budget for traveling or get sponsored, flying first class and staying in presidential suite will feel heavy in your pockets. Typically, the difference between a first and economy class plane ticket is several hundred dollars. Same goes for hotel rooms. However, there are ways to get free […]

8 Ways To Customize Your Backpack

Backpacks of many travelers look pretty boring. I am talking about the look from the outside of travel backpacks. You got yourself a backpack like thousands of travelers out there. Nothing interesting, am I right? Avid travelers don’t really pay that much attention to their backpacks most of the time because it will […]

Obtaining A Passport For Your Child In Canada

It is undoubtedly a big day for everyone in the family when we decide to take a trip to a foreign country. Adults know the basic drill – pack your bags, read the guide books and grab your passport that is valid. However, traveling with infants is another story. They can’t pack […]

Important Street Smarts And Safety Travel Tips

Although I have traveled to different parts of the world without troubles, I knew quite a bit street smarts travel tips and safety travel tips. Mainly because I used to travel as a child so I think what my parents talked and did got in to my mind from the early days. […]

Awesome Ways To Pass Time At Airport Transits

Has your flight been delayed, canceled or have six hours of transit time? All we travelers have been there at some point with nothing exciting to do to kill time at airports. So what do you do to let the time pass? There’s only so much of books you can read and […]