Simple Tips To Overcome Jet Lag & Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Many of us get out of the flight so ‘jaded’ after traveling for a long time. We look at our watches to see it’s just 2:00pm at home though the vacation destination time is 4:00am. Next the question comes…do I sleep or stay awake? Welcome to Jet lag! Jet lag is a […]

Top 10 Tips To Protect Your Laptop When Traveling

Laptop Bag

As we travel through busy airport terminals, we carry our coffee in one hand, purse on the other and bags from the duty free but let’s not forget the laptop bag. Believe it or not, some passengers just forget their laptop sometimes. Some travelers stuff their carry-on bags with shoes, makeup, clothes […]

How To Take Your Pet On Your Next Vacation

Dog Traveler

Are you thinking of taking your pet on your next vacation? After all they are part of the family and deserves a holiday too. Moreover dogs love to travel and have so much curiosity for new places filled with wonderful new smells. However, traveling with pets can be difficult especially when you […]

Super Honeymoon Ideas for Budget Honeymooners


Planning a honeymoon can be as exciting as planning a wedding! A few lucky couples are given a honeymoon package as their wedding present. Some others have the financial means to travel to a romantic honeymoon destination of their choice. For most of us, the all inclusive Hawaii or Jamaica trip is […]

How Best to Care for Your Skin When Under The Sun

Many of us wait for the weather to be sunny to pack our swim suits and take a trip to the beach! One thing we put in our bags is the sunscreen, and we like to think that we are up-to-date with the latest sunscreen information. But how much do we actually […]