How To Take Better Travel Photographs

Traveling comes with capturing amazing and beautiful photographs for our memory, and who knows even to win the photograph of the year! I have taken a lot of photos through my travels though I am no expert but I have captured some nice photos. I’m sure I could do better behind the […]

How To Stay Warm During Your Winter Travels

Holiday season call for winter travels. However, traveling during the winter holidays is quite difficult due to low temperatures. If you are a traveler visiting from warm or less cold countries during winter season, you should know how to stay warm. Unfortunately mother nature will not shut down the cold factor to […]

Bottled Water Vs. Drinking Water Fountains At Airports

We all love water especially when we travel. And it is nice to have a refreshing cold bottle of water after walking under the hot sun. When it comes to water bottles at airports, aren’t you fed up of the ridiculous prices? With all the security regulations that are in place at airports, […]

In-Flight Tips To Make Your Journey Enjoyable

I’m a huge fan of flying so I’m always in the look out for in-flight tips. I love the window seat by the wing. Don’t ask me why, I just do. During the flight, I’m the one who is wide awake while others are fast asleep. I would be watching movies, listening […]

Know The Special Price For Tourists

Travel Tips - Special Price For Tourists

Have you noticed as a tourist traveling in a developing country, that you always get a ‘special’ price? I emphasized ‘special’ because I’m not talking about a discount. If you travel anywhere outside a developed country, you know that if the locals pay $5 for a taxi, you pay $15. If you […]